British Science Week celebrated at Abbotsweld and Latton Green Primary schools

Abbotsweld Primary Academy / Sun 20th Mar 2022 at 10:32am

LAST week, along with the rest of the nation, Abbotsweld Primary Academy and Latton Green Primary Academy were celebrating British Science Week. British Science Week is a 10 day celebration of all things science, providing children with plenty of opportunities to spark enthusiasm, develop life skills and, most importantly, become scientists themselves! This year’s theme was ‘growth’- investigating growth in humanity, construction, earth and space and all things in the world around us. Each class conducted various experiments and learned about different scientists in the process.

Early Years 

Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage explored growth through welcoming new additions in to their classrooms- caterpillars and ducklings. They observed life cycles first hand and used diagrams to show how they change at each stage. 


Key Stage 1 looked at new growth in both the plants and trees in the local environment, as well as growth in new life through observing frog spawn. They planned, observed and conducted a fair test to find out if cress grows best in soil, sand, or water. 

Our children were also given opportunities to take part in lots of fun science investigations, including:

  • What happens when you mix Coke and Mentos?
  • If you have longer legs can you jump a longer distance?
  • How can we stop germs spreading? 

Headteacher, Ms Benson said: “The success of this week has certainly been the celebration of science and working scientifically. And to share this with our communities has been a wonderful bonus.

“The support from staff and parents has been phenomenal- thank you!”

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