Nurture Nursery’s first visit to Abbotsweld

Abbotsweld Primary Academy / Thu 21st Apr 2022 at 07:04am

AT Abbotsweld we want to ensure children have a successful and happy transition into starting their school career in Reception. We have an intensive induction programme which allows both the child and the parents to visit our school and classrooms through various exciting meetings including coffee mornings and stay and play sessions. 

This year we are fortunate enough to work in partnership with Nurture Nursery to help ensure the transition of nursery children is smooth and successful. Nurture Nursery recently enjoyed their first visit to Abbotsweld during lunch time where they were served and ate their lunch in the dining hall with the current Reception children.

To begin with, lunch times can often be a difficult time for some children as it is a new room with new staff. Therefore, this was a brilliant first opportunity for the nursery children to be introduced to the Reception team and dining staff, as well as mixing with the current Reception children in the dining hall. 

As this was such a successful first visit, we will be continuing this every half term to allow the nursery children time to become confident and comfortable during lunch time. We will also be extending this to allow Nurture Nursery children to visit our EYFS garden and play with some of our exciting activities alongside the current Reception children.

We look forward to welcoming our new Reception children in preparation for an exciting and happy transition in September!

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