Harlow Alliance candidates continue to fight for their town

Elections / Sat 30th Apr 2022 at 09:40am

MOST months, Harlow Alliance Party members, Nicholas Taylor and Alan Leverett attend Harlow Council meetings and ask a series of questions.

In many ways, Harlow Council should be received that the other 87,298 residents don’t turn up and ask a tricky question of two.

But they do. And win or lose on Thursday night in the wards of Great Parndon and Sumners and Kingsmoor, they will continue to hold the council to account.

This is the fourth year they have stood. They may not have grown as a party. They may have only gained between 200 and 400 votes but that doesn’t make them any less valid.

Both will argue that they are the ones who have held planners feet to the fire more than anyone else. From Icon Industrial to the Stort Crossing.

YH went up to Katherines Hatch to speak to them both.

Great Parndon

Stephen LeMay (Conservative)

Nicholas Taylor (Harlow Alliance Party)

Phil Waite (Labour)

Sumners and Kingsmoor

Nick Churchill (Conservative)

Alan Leverett (Harlow Alliance Party)

Aiden O’Dell (Labour)

Terry Patrick (Green)

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7 Comments for Harlow Alliance candidates continue to fight for their town:

Neil Warner-Baker
2022-04-30 11:34:58

These interviews show the near encyclopedic knowledge the Harlow Alliance Party have over the planning issues that threaten our Town and the shear hard work that they put in. They have a good track record of scrutinising and then challenging poor decisions. They have consistantly warned the public about excessive building programs such as Amazon/Binghams, hggt, the Stort Crossing, Deer Park etc. You've got to hand it to these guys... They may not wear suits of shining armour.. But they are true defenders of our town..

james nicholson
2022-04-30 12:09:47

Sorry, but in my personal opinion politics should be getting a lot younger, it is after all the future that we will have to live with, I would like to see less apathy by the younger voters as well. This time you actually have options, options including for the first time in a long time Green candidates in the majority of wards.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-04-30 13:03:27

I am sorry to say James that from my experience of the last four years canvassing in Harlow, most people under the age of about 40 have very little interest in politics. The following was said to me by different people within the space of an hour earlier this week, "I know nothing about politics, I don't vote and politicians are all the same". It was no different when I was much younger. it is not until you are older and trying to find a home to rent or buy, you need access to the NHS or you are trying to get a school place for your child that you begin to realise that someone controls all these things and they are collectively known as politicians. Being a Councillor is a tough job and you need plenty of time to put aside to become one, people with young families simply in the main do not have such time. Remember, only about 30% of people even take the trouble to put an x in a box, let alone participate in Council meetings late into the evening.

Neil Warner-Baker
2022-04-30 13:05:54

To some extent, I agree with you James, however we shouldn't be ageist, we need experience too. The Greens have put forward a fine youthful candidate.. Terry Patrick, a lifetime resident of our town,A Bus driver with a deep understanding of social issues.

Alan Leverett
2022-04-30 13:39:18

Just to clarify the statement I made in my interview by YourHarlow on the cost of the town centre plan prepared by consultants for Harlow Council. This was in fact £93k not £900k as I stated. Sorry for any confusion.

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-30 17:48:48

Mr Leverett, you mentioned Southend road repairs. However, Southend does not fall under Essex County Council; it is a Unitary Authority. Surely, that is the answer.

Kim Oconnor
2022-04-30 19:38:01

Neil, I agree with every word you said from your first comment, defenders of our town, just like the green party. Time for a change.

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