Ward by ward: Will Stacey seal another Tory win in Harlow Common?

Elections / Sat 30th Apr 2022 at 02:28pm

THERE was a surprise Conservative victory here in Harlow Common last year. Keen analysts feel they benefitted from it being a two-horse race plus all the other factors.

This time, we are back to three candidates.

It looks like Labour should hold this seat but you never know. In 2015, they only win by sixteen votes.

Arguably, Labour benefitted from other parties such as UKIP eroding the Tory vote but there are arguments they took form both sides.

This time, it is the Green factor. A lot of Tories feel they will take votes off Labour but there is a school of thought that they may benefit from protest voters.

Will all this get more community facilities in Potter Street or the potholes repaired in Chapel Fields?

On Saturday afternoon YH went down to Prentice Place to interview the Conservative candidate Stacey Seales. This is Stacey’s first time standing.

We would just like to say that it has been refreshing interviewing many of the new candidates from across all the parties.

Labour councillor Maggie Hulcoop is defending the seat. Maggie has been the Harlow Common councillor for 20 years. She has been an outstanding chair and vice chair of the council. More an ambassador than a chair.

Having said all that, we haven’t seen Maggie on the campaign trail and that may concern some voters. With all due respect, if someone doesn’t do e mails and doesn’t do campaigning then shouldn’t they stand aside? But if so, do we now get into the thorny problem of all-women shortlists and Harlow Labour simply do not have many women to select.

The Green Party candidate is Sally Hardcastle. A local artist, we have spoken to Sally and hope to interview her before polling day.

Harlow Common

Sally Hardcastle (Green)

Maggie Hulcoop (Labour)

Stacey Seales (Conservative)

YH Prediction: Labour Hold (but might be closer than they thought).

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18 Comments for Ward by ward: Will Stacey seal another Tory win in Harlow Common?:

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-30 15:28:25

What breathe of fresh air. Stacy is clearly a candidate of high quality: committed, community minded and compassionate. She has built and runs her own business. She is precisely the type person we need on Harlow Council. She will be an excellent representative for Harlow Common.

Connie Sosa
2022-04-30 16:51:24

I must say that I have been impressed with the calibre of the new Conservative candidates; a number of able women too. I do find Harlow Labour very uninspiring, waxing generalities whilst presenting no concrete proposals they have for the town - (well, they did have 10 years, and did very, very little of note, other than increases taxes and wasting £s millions on consultant fees for failed projects). In this election, the Conservatives clearly have better and more able candidates with a broader relevant skills base. I am also pleased to see the Green Party participation. They also bring a fresh approach.

Bruce Downey
2022-04-30 18:53:26

Stacey seals (Conservative) hope you get elected, will be getting my vote.👍

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-30 19:34:12

Harlow needs new blood in the Council. We have been through 10 years of Jurassic Park with Harlow Monentum Labour, who purged their Party of any credible members and reverted to a pseudo Bolshevik clique. They are total dinosaurs with about as much of a clue as to to how to administer a modern growing town as my pet hamster ( no offence intended towards my hamster). They are less than useless, stuck in their far left Momentum time warp. Harlow not only deserves better; it cannot afford their return under their time honoured banner: tax and waste. So relieved to see that Harlow Common has a first rate option in Stacy.

gary roberts
2022-05-01 05:42:21

And there you have it: Nothing about the area of Harlow Common or indeed Potter Street just general comments about the town. What does she know about the issue of Osler House? No mention of it during the interview: Why not? The usual I care about people, really? Tell me any prospective councillor or MP that doesn't say that? They all do and then disappear after six months. Cllr. Leppard where are you? Sadly just warm words without substance!

James Leppard
2022-05-01 08:29:39

Gary Roberts, as usual you are off the mark. I take up resident issues every week and frequently visit them to see in person. I have ample examples on the record. Making wild accusations without substance does not contribute. You give the impression that you are used to being represented by less diligent councillors.

Kim Oconnor
2022-05-01 09:30:37

Labour and conservatives have done nothing for this town. People voices have not been heard. Local issues have not be addressed. You both have not wanted to hear us. The destruction of the river stort is prime example of this, with 6,000 signatures against this. 5000 People waiting on homes, 99 council planned, let's see how many in fase 2. Up against thousands of unaffordable, which are destroying our lands left right and centre. Lots of complaints not addressed. Labour never wanted to address And we know to well, that conservatives in this town, have not listened to public options. Time for a change, vote green local people, for local issues, not national issues.

gary roberts
2022-05-01 09:40:48

Oh dear Cllr. Leppard it doesn't take much to wag your tail. It must be election time! What wild accusations have I made and what am I off the mark about? However, let me ask you about: Osler House - what have you and the current council done to help its return as a doctor's surgery? Or even as a community hub? Former Neighbourhood Office - What have you and the current council done to restore local council services to the area using the former building as a focus, particularly as the former Conservative/Liberal Democrat council closed it down?

Nicholas Taylor
2022-05-01 10:14:56

Lets not forget Gary that Labour began the process of closing the Neighbourhood Offices down, I know because I was the manager and was effectively sacked. You are right about Osler House of course, any idea of when this will be opened as a community hub?

gary roberts
2022-05-01 10:39:37

Nicholas, I have no idea when the community hub will be open sadly. That is why I asked Cllr. Leppard to shed some light on it. As regards the local Neighbourhood Office I do not care who started the closure. I do know that the residents' signed a petition to keep it open. That resulted in a council working group for which I was a resident member. But sadly a current Conservative councillor and a former Liberal Democrat councillor voted to close it and the building has remained empty ever since. A disgrace.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-05-01 11:32:46

Labour half heartedly opened Neighbourhood Offices, the Tories never wanted them opened and basically we were set up to fail. Even now, both Parties pay lip service to consultation and engaging with residents, at a time when it is more needed than ever. There was never any chance of the area office being kept open whatever residents tried to do, the whole system was dismantled by the time any petition came to light. The lack of progress with regard to Osler house is as you say a disgrace, hardly a good sign for the regeneration of our town, which is not just about buildings but is about community as well.

Stacy Seales
2022-05-01 11:40:20

Here to deal with real Issues ( Stacy Seales) Thanks everyone for the warm welcome especially as it is my first time running. Hoping to count on your vote on the 5th May. In the last months and weeks, I have met with many hard working people, families, residents, made new friends and met some incredible individuals who contributed in the building of Harlow town, potter street especially. I have met with the first , second , third generation and new arrivals in Harlow and the message is clear. “Labour run Harlow made the town to lose it sense of Pride” Across the country community has lost touch of knowing their neighbours and people helping each other. I grow up in a generation where my neighbours were adopted uncles and aunties and see this missing within our community which is impacting our young people massively and also causing our elderly to be trapped in doors dying alone. People want better standards to housing , community and talk about the massive changes in Harlow which only motivate my cause to want to build Harlow common and Harlow collectively together with all the people in Harlow. I am very informed of the issues and that is why I am campaigning so I can work to make these changes. Times have changed and the Harlow of the 70’s 80’s 90’s needs fresh and new innovative ways to stay current with the changes across the world. My track records shows that I am a doer and fully aware of the issues, and making steps toward how to proactively deal with them. I believe time will determine exactly this and will continue serving the Conservative party to progress the policy we seek to push in Harlow, starting with better living standards and making Harlow a great place to live in Britain. In case I was not introduced well by the report, I am Stacy Seales and here to impact my community and care solely for people. I am not here to be label via the “them and us”but here to ensure the voices of the people in my ward, Harlow and across the country are heard and real issues dealt with. I am a mother of five children ages between 20 - 10, with twins, one that has a disability. I am fully in tuned with communication difficulties, hardships, youth issues , senior citizens crises, cost of living crises, social deprivation , starting a business from nothing and can assure you that from my experience in life and working for a London Council Borough I understand and here to impact this experience to bettering other lives. In the last 20 plus years I have been working behind the scene making small steps within schools, disability , community, creating spaces to help those who need the most help, motivating and inspiring other to achieve their goals. Helping others start businesses and teaching people who how to break from circles and patterns whilst combating my own live issues with little resources. We all have a responsibility to play our part rather than not addressing the facts or attack on character or people who are committing their time. For anyone who critically have something to say about councillors and their duties try by helping your direct neighbours , motive and pay for someone shopping , help someone then you will not have time to complain on trivia issues which benefit none but just want to help others. I am told by Green Party ( very few ) labour & conservative voters that the town has long been a labour run council and as much as I have good regards for the labour leaders who were in office the point is that something needs to give as Harlow is a beautiful town that needs to be restored that is why it is important to vote Tory on the 5th May. My take in how I will do this is by offering my commitment, time and building community day by day restoring the faith and hope of Harlow common residents along side my colleagues campaigning to making Harlow the best town to live in. As you all get to meet me in person and know me more it will be clear on what and who I represented. Hard work, compensate and people all collectively becoming mindful is a good place to start. So I am counting on the people of Harlow common and in Harlow to vote Tory so we tackle the issues once and for all. I am told by residents the small changes during the change of council run office so why stop there vote Tory on the 5th May so Harlow town can be restored. I am well experienced with local authority and housing issues so this will be a great opportunity to representing the people of Harlow especially those in my ward. Make sure your vote counts on the 5th May vote Tory. Vote Stacy Seales for Harlow Common.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-05-01 14:39:17

The trouble is Stacey, you are committed to a National Party which; reduced funding to Local Authorities by 70%, decimated public services such as the Surestart centres, reduced the number of police officers, saw funding to schools plummet, cut defence spending and spent millions on useless PPE. Locally they voted to trash the river Stort valley, they have left our roads full of potholes, they have come up with a house building programme which could never be described as a house building boom, have a Town Centre Masterplan which shows the Town Centre dominated by many large flat blocks and spent hours presiding over meetings with agendas running to hundreds of pages.

Neil Warner-Baker
2022-05-01 15:07:23

Hi Stacy, what's your stance on the Latton Priory hggt building program. Technically it is in North Wield Bassett, but as it borders Harlow common Woods and the back of Rundells/Radburn close it a little bit close for comfort?..don't you think? Hardly anyone that I've spoken to in our ward is even aware of it..isn't it time that we are consulted on it? Best regards.

Neil Warner-Baker
2022-05-01 15:17:09

Also, do they plan to open up Riding Lane and commonside road to through traffic as I guess most of the kids will go to Latton Green Primary School? I'm sure you are aware of the congestion hotspot between Rundells and Hilly Fields and the newer estates such as The Hawthornes and Corner Meadow?

2022-05-02 20:28:32

What Nicholas Taylor says makes a lot of sense. The original article mentions potholes in Chapel Field. A small point, but most potholes are the responsibility of Conservative ECC and they have an attrocious record over many years.

2022-05-03 05:08:49

Stacey, your list of things to push for and changes you wish to see are admirable. However, why should anyone vote - when, 90% of the time our leaders are silent on issues. This “newspaper” is a great example. It’s running with solely one editor, has been handled entirely by a tiny team with little support - the comments are constantly filled with people screaming about the issues the town is facing and they’re all being ignored. Instead, we have one politician who is constantly whining and spitting is dummy out (I won’t name) about “Tory spin doctors” - we have others who never engage with the community, some who engage but in a weird manner and of course - almost all of them are not doing their job. Right at this moment in time, we’re seeing them pull up their socks and get out there. But it’s going to stop as soon as the elections are finished. I’m sick and tired of seeing the town be run further into the ground. When I was younger, I remember seeing many times in the local (gone) paper / Harlow star - the plans to rebuild the town center, with awe inspiring 3D renders of what it might look like. 20 years later and not a single thing has changed. How can we, the residents of Harlow, positively and accurately make the right decision in terms of voting when we’ve been vocal on some of the key talking points for decades now - and seen nothing done about it? Terminus house is another thing entirely, but realistically - is also an issue that needs tackling. What are you - pushing for in terms of changes to housing? Affordable care? Affordable food and ensuring that poorer families/individuals (such as myself), are able to make their money go a little further? What about schools and education? Our schools are facing issues time and time again wherein, some are grossly underfunded - and others are funded to the skies. And so on... I’m seeing a lot of promises and little action, as has been the case for many of years now.

Neil Warner-Baker
2022-05-03 19:29:25

Well put K, I feel the same dispair!

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