Harlow Council issue guidance over Queen’s Jubilee street parties

Communities / Sun 1st May 2022 am31 08:51am

HARLOW Council has issued the following advice for residents interested in organising a party for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.


Street parties are parties organised by and for residents in one or two small streets, without external publicity. They are a brilliant way to build a friendly community.

We encourage street parties and want to make it as easy as possible for you to arrange them.

You can look at GOV.UK for information on organising a street party

For more information, click below.


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6 Comments for Harlow Council issue guidance over Queen’s Jubilee street parties:

David Hughes
2022-05-01 11:08:32

I see that Harlow Council are doing fuckall. No change there

Edward Huxtable
2022-05-01 11:30:42

You can arrange them , then the council will find some woke reason to stop you having them

Kim Oconnor
2022-05-01 19:37:41

I think we know what a street party is hahaha Any body else know what a street party is

2022-05-01 19:43:32

Oh, yay. They're OK with my street being blocked by drunken idiots waving Union Jack's.

2022-05-02 06:59:55

Well the council website has just sucked all the fun out of any for of party. What a waste of resources for somebody to actually write all that rubbish! Do the they really think people are like the council in being unable to organise anything they think it's best to put guidance. FFS

David Forman
2022-05-02 09:01:20

Is it appropriate in the #MeToo era to 'celebrate' the Royal Family, especially when Prince Andrew's conduct was so deeply disturbing and the Queen and Prince Charles bailed him out financially?

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