Government announces major new bills in Queen’s Speech to “ease the cost of living” claims Harlow MP

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THE Prince of Wales, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, has today opened a new session of Parliament and set out the Government’s agenda for the year ahead. The speech’s opening line stressed the Government’s commitment to “grow and strengthen the economy and help ease the cost of living for families.”

Harlow’s MP, Robert Halfon has campaigned hard for the Government to introduce some of the new bills announced today, particularly on education, skills and housing.

Here are Mr Halfon’s descriptions and then his thoughts

Championing Education

A new Schools Bill which will further improve school standards across Harlow ensuring that every child has the skills, knowledge and opportunity needed to fulfil their future potential, secure the good jobs needed to support our economy, and fill local skills gaps. This is accompanied by a new Higher Education Bill which will introduce a lifelong learning entitlement to allow every Harlow resident who does not have a degree to access new education and skills, from further education, to apprenticeships and degrees.

Building an even better Harlow

The Government have announced new laws which will give Conservative-run Harlow Council more powers and backing to deliver the much promised town centre regeneration through a new Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill. This will also give Harlow residents a much greater say over local planning decisions.

New protections for the thousands of residents who rent their homes in Harlow are to be enshrined in law through a Social Housing Regulation Bill and Renters Reform bill to end unfair evictions, improve housing standards and resolve disputes with landlords quicker.

The Transport Bill will also mean simpler, quicker and more reliable train services for Harlow commuters through the new Great British Rail.

Cutting the cost of living

The opening line of the Queen’s Speech set out the Government’s commitment to helping to “ease the cost of living for families”. This was followed by a strong commitment to “reducing debt while reforming and cutting taxes” as well as bringing down inflation. Robert Halfon MP has campaigned continuously for the Government to do more following the announcement of the £200 Council Tax cut for Harlow residents, the historic fuel duty cut, extra £1 billion to ensure Council’s can support vulnerable families, National Insurance tax cuts and the further £200 energy bill support.

The Government’s Energy Bill will deliver new sustainable energy from British sources to deliver much lower, more stable energy costs for Harlow residents.

Protecting the NHS

The Queen’s Speech highlighted the record investment into the NHS to bring down NHS backlogs as quickly as possible following the pandemic, recruit record numbers of nurses and doctors and ensure patients receive better care.

The reforms to the Mental Health Act will ensure that residents can access support far quicker and easier.

Tough on crime

Following the recent passing of the Police, Crime, Courts and Sentencing Act which introduced many new powers for the police – such as new powers to tackle unauthorised encampments – and tougher sentences for criminals, the Government will now be going further. A new Public Order BIll will mean that protestors who block roads and transport systems will be jailed. This is coupled with a new Victim’s Bill to further support victims of crime – particuarly serious offences such as rape and domestic abuse.

Other measures announced today include a new Procurement Bill to allow Harlow small businesses to access procurement contracts with public bodies far easier, as well as a Brexit Freedoms Bill to make the most of Brexit – cutting red tape and costs for consumers and small businesses.

Commenting on the Queen’s Speech, Mr Halfon said: “I work hard every day in Parliament to cut the cost of living, champion apprenticeships and education, build an even better Harlow, make Harlow’s streets safer and protect our NHS. The Government’s commitment to doing just that was set out today in the Queen’s Speech.

“The new Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill will give much greater powers to Harlow Council to deliver the much-needed regeneration of the town centre, alongside the hundreds of millions of Government investment I have worked hard to secure for our new junction, hospital and the £23.7 million Town Deal to kickstart this regeneration.

“I am passionate about championing education and skills across our town and the new Schools and Higher Education Bills will give everyone in Harlow the opportunity to climb the educational ladder of opportunity.

“Making our streets safer and protecting our NHS are two of my main priorities. With tougher sentences, stronger police powers and more support for mental health set out in the Queen’s Speech, we will do much more to deliver both of those things.

“I will continue to work hard every day to deliver on my pledges and deliver more for Harlow residents.”

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8 Comments for Government announces major new bills in Queen’s Speech to “ease the cost of living” claims Harlow MP:

2022-05-10 17:28:07

"National Insurance tax cuts" I am pretty sure NI went up for workers and employers

2022-05-10 17:36:07

So Robert your telling us AGAIN how hard you work. Well your not working hard for the Pensioners of Harlow as you voted against giving them the rise you promised in the general election.

2022-05-10 18:45:08

Also, not working hard by dropping the promised Employment Bill which was supposed to deliver legislation to boost workers’ rights.

2022-05-10 21:11:47

I don't believe a word that man says as again and again he has proven to be a liar

pete henegan
2022-05-10 21:53:28

I hope, for all of our sakes, that the govt succeeds.

2022-05-10 22:53:29

Adam, they did increase NI by 1.5% in April but come july the threshold will rise to the same amount as income tax so it is a NI tax cut.

2022-05-11 15:14:31

Mike - is that the same for employers as well?

2022-05-11 22:13:19

ive no idea adam look on the gov.uk website it tells you there

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