Bush Fair Labour councillor gives thanks to residents

Elections / Sun 26th Jun 2022 at 01:02pm

Dear Editor,

ON Thursday 23 June 2022, Bush Fair voted to elect me to Harlow Council, a huge honour.

This by-election was hard-fought, necessitating relentless campaigning and thousands of door-step conversations. Those conversations told us what really matters to you; your support should never be taken for granted. It has to be earned.

Thank you for putting your trust in me. Thanks must go, too, to our brilliant campaign team …… and to Brian Keane, returning officer, and his assiduous electoral team. My wee family has been pretty amazing as well!

I’ll keep on working for you. (I’m compiling a list!) Together, we’re formidable. Need my help with something? Just get in touch.

Best wishes.


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8 Comments for Bush Fair Labour councillor gives thanks to residents:

gary roberts
2022-06-26 13:42:36

Good luck Kay, I hope you can push for a policy agenda worth the name.

David Forman
2022-06-27 12:18:46

To Gary (Momentum) Roberts. Labour in Harlow have not promoted credible policies since the end of 2018 and those policies they had were poorly executed. Let's hope your Momentum chum Kay Morrison can utilize her past experience to make the Labour Group look better than a bunch of amateurs who only speed read their briefing papers a couple of hours before the meeting. Perhaps Mr Roberts would like to join me in observing Cabinet and full council meetings to see if any improvement occurs?

[email protected]
2022-06-27 13:17:05

Thanks for your encouragement, Mr Roberts and Forman. I look forward to meeting you.

gary roberts
2022-06-27 14:33:24

Mr. Forman making puerile statements about my supposed political views misses the point in congratulating Kay Morrison on her well earned election victory. Well done again Ms. Morrison.

David Forman
2022-06-27 17:03:01

I am looking forward to Harlow Council's Cabinet meeting on 21 July and full council on the 28th. Both meetings are at the Civic Center (1st floor) and both start at 7:30pm. Members of the public are encouraged to attend. Hopefully, I won't see a repeat of Labour's Chris Vince made a monkey of by Conservative Russell Perrin.

David Forman
2022-06-27 17:40:34

The "made a monkey of" incident was at the Cabinet meeting of 16 June this year. Labour leader Chris Vince asks a question about the supposed lack of progress in the Cabinet Policy Development Working Group. Tory council Leader Russell Perrin destroys Chris Vince by pointing out that the last Labour administration cancelled 5 out of 7 of these meetings prior to the May 2021 local elections (resulting in the Tories taking control). You can see for yourself the cancelled meetings at: https://moderngov.harlow.gov.uk/ieListMeetings.aspx?CommitteeId=250 A bit of research would have prevented this "egg on face" moment for Councillor Chris Vince.

2022-06-27 18:03:08

Pot Holes Pot Holes Pot holes! More Pot Holes I rest my case! For the sake of the residents sort it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danny Long
2022-06-28 19:25:21

She most definitely will never get mine or my wives support and we will never promote her to the local residents of Bush fair, the same goes for any Labour or any left wing party councillors. King regards.

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