Harlow is 75: Celebrating the diverse culture of our town

Communities / Mon 4th Jul 2022 pm31 12:46pm

TO mark the town’s 75thanniversary, Harlow Council and Your Harlow have launched a project which records the diverse history, heritage, and culture of the people and groups which are part of modern-day Harlow.

The Harlow at 75 project is made up of audio-visual recordings of conversations with both individuals and groups that explores their lives abroad before resettling in Harlow. The project reflects that we are a local but global new town and explores themes such as the definition of “Home”. 

There has never been a more important time to take every opportunity to bring communities back together, to show that a rich diverse history and heritage is something that can bring us together and be celebrated.

The output of this project will form part of the Harlow Museum and Walled Gardens archive. The recordings will be accessible and available to all to learn about each other and for residents to see themselves reflected in this record of the town’s community. All interviews will be shared on YourHarlow.com. The first of the interviews will be shared this week.

In 2017 Your Harlow ran a similar project to mark the town’s 70 anniversary with the Harlow is 70 Why I Came Here series which explored people’s journeys to Harlow.

If you would like to be interviewed or know some who would like to be interviewed for the Harlow at 75 project email: [email protected]

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4 Comments for Harlow is 75: Celebrating the diverse culture of our town:

Mr Grumpy
2022-07-04 16:20:06

I moved to Harlow in 1980 and what a town it was. There were so many community events throught the year, playbarn schemes and youth clubs galore. On top of that there were numerous playgrounds for kids. Violence and drug issues seemed to be unheard of. Office blocks were a place of work. Nowadays there are no real community events (town show, music in the park with real bands etc), playbarns and youth clubs gone, Dedicated music venues gone, playgrounds now far and few between. Drugs and violent behaviour seem commonplace too. As for offices.........shoebox "accommodation" for London's "unwanted". The council need to take off their rose tinted glasses! Harlow is a shadow of it's former self.

2022-07-04 18:50:19

Think about it. In the 60’s and 70’s this town had everything and a lot of the facilities were paid for by the council. Taxes were lower and the population was lower, so the council had less money. Fast forward to today and we have a larger population and pay more in taxes yet a lot of the services have disappeared( we even have kids out cleaning the streets because the council can’t afford to do it). Where is all the money going!

2022-07-05 06:29:28

I preffered it as it was.

2022-07-06 07:23:40

Time for the violin solo and Duke Ellington singing things ain't what they used to be ☺️👍

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