Harlow is 75: Hail Viktor: From Ukraine to Harlow

Harlow is 75: A Celebration of Global Harlow / Fri 23rd Sep 2022 at 06:27pm

YOUR HARLOW was only too happy to support Circus Cortex as they entertain and perform at Harlow Town Park Showground over the weekend.

We were also aware that twenty of their crew are from Ukraine.

So we asked if anyone would like to be part of our Harlow is 75 project. We are doing A to Z and we really wanted a representative from U for Ukraine.

We understand it has been extremely difficult. We have spoken to a number of Ukrainians back in March but we did not want to intrude on personal grief and loss.

But in the big tent, there was a sense of big hope. These are still early days but we got the distinct impression there was a sense of positivity.

Firstly, we interviewed Viktor Gorodetskyy about growing up in Ukraine and the generations in his family who have being circus performers.

To mark the town’s 75thanniversary, Harlow Council and Your Harlow have launched a project which records the diverse history, heritage, and culture of the people and groups which are part of modern-day Harlow.

The Harlow at 75 project is made up of audio-visual recordings of conversations with both individuals and groups that explores their lives abroad before resettling in Harlow. The project reflects that we are a local but global new town and explores themes such as the definition of “Home”. 

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