Man wanted after serious assault in Old Harlow

Crime / Sat 1st Oct 2022 at 01:00pm

Update: A man has been arrested.


ESSEX Police would like to speak to Anthony Larwood in connection with an assault which took place in Hart Road, Harlow, this morning.

Police were called to the incident shortly before 10am. One man was taken to hospital with a head injury. Thankfully his injury is not considered to be life-threatening.

They would like to speak to Mr Larwood, 29, as soon as possible. He has links to Basildon and may also be using the train network.

If you see him or know where he is, please call us on 101 and cite incident 429 of October 1.

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9 Comments for Man wanted after serious assault in Old Harlow:

2022-10-01 14:00:28

I have Cctv in hart road but are not around until 4 oct

2022-10-01 15:37:48

Anthony Larwood You’ve been caught on my CCTV too You idiot attacking someone right under a camera I’ll be handing the CCTV footage over later today to Harlow police .. you’re in a lot of trouble buddy.

2022-10-01 16:38:02

Should be put in prison for life. All assaults should be treated the same as attempted murder.

2022-10-01 16:41:57

No one knows what has gone on how do u know this person wasn't protecting himself

Markus Schulz
2022-10-01 17:03:16

Because people have seen him on CCTV and by the way they're talking his in the wrong lol?

Mr spud
2022-10-03 17:08:35

People are too eager to judge, find out the facts first then make your judgement.

2022-10-03 17:19:57

Exactly mr spud

Mr spud
2022-10-03 19:58:15

It's spudders to you mate

Hubert Konczak
2023-05-24 15:31:03

On 26 of september 2022. I had really bad epileptic seizure. I was living in one of the hotel in harlow. I became homeless because i lost job. I was discharged from the hospital in a very bad state after 2 days only because "beds are too expensive". I love this Health care system. I don't remember how i got back and how i spend rest of the day. What i remember was next day morning. I gone for breakfast to dining room, I was alone.Then tony walked in and started acting stupid and loud. So i told him what happened and where I was and I asked him to lower his voice because I still feeling bad. He didn't like that. He start swearing and shouting things like "some stupid Polack telling me what to do in my own country". Later we started "pushing" each other until one of the kitchen stuff member sepparate us. I appologized took my things and gone back to my room. Then i heard knocking to my door. It's hard to say in my state i was but I didn't ask "who is it" I just got up and pressed door knob and that's what I remember. I woke up in hospital again 2/3 weeks after (Same hospital, same ward I think same bed) I spend there a month. police told me when i pressed a door knob he kicked door, walked in and stamped on me multiple times. He broke my mandible now i have metal in face so i can say bye bye to MRI that i needed so often only because human stupidity. And Tony? He gone to prison for only 2 years with probation for what he did to me. Only because he didn't listen when I asked to leave me alone. How stupid you have to be to commit any crime in somebody's room in a hotel full of cameras. I Used to be respected and liked care worker. Now i can't go back to work because of him. People like him doesn't deserve for prison. They should fertilize the soil in a pit filled with powdered calcium

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