Letter to Editor: The benefits of an allotment

Health / Tue 25th Oct 2022 at 06:47am

Dear Editor,

HERE in Harlow we are fortunate to have access to allotments all over the town. I live near Long Ley allotments and I am surprised to see that many of the allotments on the site are empty. Keeping an allotment is great for both physical and mental health and it’s truly rewarding to join the friendly and welcoming community of allotmenteers.

To apply for an allotment from Harlow Council, simply fill in the form here: https://www.harlow.gov.uk/environment-and-animals/allotments. A 50% discount is available for pensioners and some other categories of applicants.

Yours faithfully,

Rae Harbird

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14 Comments for Letter to Editor: The benefits of an allotment:

David Forman
2022-10-25 09:30:00

If you live near an allotment and can see badly overgrown plots, please comment on here. Maybe, some allotment holders have become unwell and are struggling to keep it in good order. I may be able to help you.

2022-10-25 10:03:05

On our Allotment site there is empty Allotments but no one seems to be offered them

2022-10-25 10:23:46

I’ve been waiting for an allotment with Harlow Council for 3.5years now. They won’t even tell me where I am on the list just that I am on the list. I’m waiting for a plot at Willowfield and noticed in the spring and summer empty plots so I chased up the council still only to be told “you’re on the list” and nothing else.

2022-10-25 10:53:14

Applied for an allotment got a reference number and now Harlow council said I had to reapply as the registered reference didn't exist. So many people want an allotment but they are not being allocated to anyone

2022-10-25 11:43:26

We are on the waiting list as well. Cant help wondering if there isnt an ulterior motive that the vacant plots arent being allocated.

2022-10-25 12:01:13

Meanwhile Harlow Council couldn't be bothered to give an allotment to those who have been waiting for years and are still waiting 8 years later 😂

2022-10-25 13:10:39

I have applied for an allotment I can see unkept plots and have been told there is none available :(

2022-10-25 16:27:00

My mother has been on the waiting list for an allotment for just under a decade. Despite the fact the allotment has empty plots she has not heard a single thing from the council. We resubmitted the application a few months back.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-10-25 17:44:41

Lets not forget the saga of the allotment site where the new homes at Bushey Croft have now been built. The Council told the Secretary of State that there was no demand for allotments and that they advertised vacant allotments. I checked the Harlow Times over a period of more than two years and found that the Council had never advertised vacant allotments. I understand the Council will do nothing to turn un-used/unkempt plots into usable ones which could then be more easily let. Seems there are six people posting here who want one.

2022-10-25 22:01:45

That's weird and a bit sad as people could have the opportunity to grow veg for themselves and save a bit of money on shopping plus it gets you out in the fresh air...thought it'd be something encouraged not dismissed I've often passed the allotments near church Langley and they look well attended 👍

2022-10-28 10:35:13

Some people could be very unwell at the moment and hope to get back to the allotment when they can and if the fees are being paid and the allotment chairman is aware of the situation these allotments will still not come available to who’s on the list next

Kim Oconnor
2022-11-03 10:52:47

I do know that we should keep them. Theses spaces should never be built on. Especially now that it's fashionable to grow your own.

2022-11-05 18:11:36

Best time to phone up the dept for an allotment is the beginning of October, when the available ones are allotted. They are run without much interest (I think HTS took over Kier's reins on this) and I find it helps to apply at the right time. I applied online and got a half plot in 3 days down at Chippingfield. They really ought to make it easier to kick folk off plots too, it's a stupid system, involving lawyers to remove folk who pay for plots and don't use them - and who can again pay for them the next year despite never doing anything.

William Smith
2023-10-12 11:29:08

Will this newspaper seek an informed response fro harlow council and harlow allotment association who are responsible for a large amount of allotments. Q1 how do residents confirm a waiting list excists with both council and allotment association. Q2 can harlow council and association confirm how many plots are not in use at this time. Q3 The residents who are keen to have an allotment would like transparencey from Harlow Council and Harlow allotment association. Both should publish a list on line with surname and application date and reference number if applicable so that we can all see the length and wait for an allotment. Come on Harlow news, local interest Council not transparent there are a significant number of allotments that are clearly not in use or abandoned on both association sites and council sites on our behalf challenge council Wont hold my breath but fingers crossed

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