Cooks Spinney pupils praised for knowledge of art at National Gallery

Cooks Spinney Primary Academy / Fri 16th Dec 2022 at 10:09am

CHILDREN’S knowledge of famous works of art was commended during a gallery tour.

Pupils in Year 3 at Cooks Spinney Primary Academy, in Harlow, visited the National Gallery.

As part of their art and cultural enrichment, pupils were able to see the art pieces they had been studying up close, including Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

Ann Clausen, art teacher, said: “The children were in awe of the National Gallery’s rooms with their rich colours and impressive array of paintings on the walls. It proved a truly enriching day for children and one we hope they will hold on to for a long time. 

“They proved fantastic ambassadors for the school, moving along the gallery rooms mindfully, looking carefully at the works of art that surrounded them and sitting and listening carefully – so much so, they were commended by the gallery guides as to their impeccable behaviour, pointed questions and knowledge base. 

“We are so proud of them!”

During the visit to London, the pupils were taken to Trafalgar Square.

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Proud Parent
2022-12-16 19:20:14

Mrs Clausen is an excellent art teacher. She helped my daughter excel in her art. Well done Cooks Spinney kids. And well done Mrs Clausen. Proud parent

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