Harlow is 75: From Kiev to Harlow: Happy Christmas from Halyna to the people of Harlow

Communities / Sat 24th Dec 2022 at 03:00pm

WE HAVE tried to avoid politics and conflict during our Harlow is 75 interviews. It is not easy.

And so in Christmas week, we happen to interview residents from Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Here we interview, Halyna who, as we hear, grew up and enjoyed life in Kiev, Ukraine.

That was until February 2022.

We spend the first part of the interview talking about growing up in Kiev as well as far outposts of Russia

Then we discuss the outbreak of war through the invasion by Russia and how Halyna ended up in Harlow..

What you will see in this interview is how grateful she is for the warmth and generosity of the peopl eof Harlow.

May we thank Rev Alison Taylor of Potter Street Baptist Chapel for use of her meeting room.

To mark the town’s 75th anniversary, Harlow Council and Your Harlow have launched a project which records the diverse history, heritage, and culture of the people and groups which are part of modern-day Harlow.

The Harlow at 75 project is made up of audio-visual recordings of conversations with both individuals and groups that explores their lives abroad before resettling in Harlow. The project reflects that we are a local but global new town and explores themes such as the definition of “Home”.

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