Letter to Editor: Sherards House: “Is this what Harlow Council calls consultation?

General / Mon 9th Jan 2023 at 01:30pm

ON March 23rd, 2022, Harlow Council submitted a Planning Application to demolish Sherards House, Three Horseshoes Road and replace it with 14 houses.

The house predates the buillding of the New Town and for many years it and the land surrounding was used to provide temporary homes, including seven bungalows for those on the Council’s waiting list.

The application is deeply flawed and as a result over 60 residents submitted objections to the proposal.

These objections can be summarised as follows;

* Demolition. The loss of another home which pre-dates the building of the New Town. The house has not been maintained for a number of years, giving the Council an excuse to demolish it.

* Vehicular access. Accessto 10 of the homes is through a narrow entrance to a garage block. Ironically, less than 10 years ago the owner of an adjacent property was refused Planning Permission by the Council to build one new home in their garden because of the poor vehicular access and lack of a path.

* The loss of trees. A large number of trees are to be removed in order to make space for the new homes. Objections to the removal of these trees is supported by Tim Moya Associates who provided a comprehensive response concluding that the application must be considered for refusal.

* Over development. Building 14 homes is out of keeping with the surrounding area The architect has tried to cram in as many homes on the site as possible to help meet the Councils ambitious house building target. 

* Lack of parking. Just 22 parking spaces are to be provided, clearly an insufficient number which will undoubtably lead to the parking of vehicles along Three Horseshoes Road.

Residents have heard nothing since their objections were lodged. The earliest opportunity that the application can be discussed by members of the Development Management Committee is on 22 February. Here they are supposed to give full consideration to the comments made before making any decision. Despite this, notices have already been placed on lampposts near the site giving notice that the house is to be demolished at some time after 6 February.

This is yet another example of Harlow Counci going ahead with their plan whatever comments are made by residents.

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14 Comments for Letter to Editor: Sherards House: “Is this what Harlow Council calls consultation?:

Harlow council are idiots
2023-01-09 13:50:18

Why don't these idiots at harlow council just leave the old buildings alone! DISGRACE off a council!

Mick Westby
2023-01-09 14:40:36

Why should Harlow lose another original old house and the adjoining land and trees etc to build more houses in a totally unsuitable area. There must be lots of other places in the town where as little as 14 houses can be built without the destruction of the environment around.

2023-01-09 14:50:36

Why cant harlow council stop all this building more housesabd knocking down these beautiful old buildings. Its shocking and there will be nowhere to walk in this town without bumping into people and the car situation is horrendous and had been ignored for far to long,it has now become so dangerous that it affects everyone. Nothing has been done in harlow for the better, this is my town where i was born many years ago and we had it all here but now it just seems likea dumping ground for anyone and everyone that wants to live here and i wonder how many developers and high up people in the council actually live in harlow?we are losing our green spaces and our privacy and that is no good for anyones mental health surely? Harlow has been ruined and its heartbreaking and it just seems that its all about rabbit hutch size buildings, cars and no one seems to care about pedestrians wildlife green spaces nice places to walk etc, its all about too many people living in harlow and building more and more and more homes and that means more and more cars.Harlow has been ruined.

2023-01-09 14:51:42

Why cant harlow council stop all this building more housesabd knocking down these beautiful old buildings. Its shocking and there will be nowhere to walk in this town without bumping into people and the car situation is horrendous and had been ignored for far to long,it has now become so dangerous that it affects everyone. Nothing has been done in harlow for the better.

2023-01-09 15:30:12

As one of the people who objected I have called the council everyday and left a number of messages asking for an update on the situation. Should I be surprised that I haven't had a reply or acknowledgment. Having just checked the Harlow Council Planning Portal there are no updates !

Nicholas Taylor
2023-01-09 16:18:54

Just to say that I am the author of this article. Nich Taylor, Leader of the Harlow Alliance Party. The only Party acting for the benefit of Harlow residents. Whilst residents keep voting for people who do not listen, those people will continue not to listen. Residents objecting to the trashing of the River Stort valley, residents in Bushey Croft, residents close to the warehouses behind Bynghams, residents in Potter Street, residents at Arkwrights, every resident about potholes, now residents adjacent to Sherards House. The list grows ever longer

Kim Oconnor
2023-01-09 18:08:47

They don't want to listen to public opinions, they don't want to see us or hear us. Because they know, the objections are to great. And honestly I actually think they don't care. But they will care, when we flood. They don't seem to like anything of age in this town, ,, oh knock it down, we're make more money. Ruin the river stork, at what cost. Knock down the old station, anything with a little history. Despite what people think. This town will have no charm. This lot won't be happy till church gate street is completely hemmed in, with theses unaffordable housing estates. Not a care , its all about the money.

2023-01-09 18:42:26

How right you are kim 0connor, i couldnt agree with you more and very well said.

2023-01-09 20:27:57

No wonder at that the Tory Council is supporting the poor property developers over residents and heritage buildings: the party is funded from their profits and there's Councillor connections to property developers via property consultants that brag of getting buildings built on greenbelt. The blind aim of the Tories is to build rubbish at high density and at the cost of the environment and the quality of life of residents and Labour doesn't seem have a strategy. Growth upon growth is a recipe for disaster.

2023-01-11 08:57:15

Thanks to Nick for raising this and many of the other issues in the town. It's nice that somebody of reasonable standing has such clout in as far as raising these issues and being as passionate about the town as the people, where the majority of the council employees couldn't care less. I was of the understanding of local governing and planning in that if a couple of comments positive or negative are made about a planning proposal it has to go to a town hall meeting to be discussed by the councillors who can override the council's planning recommendations and the public can be in attendance and pass comment of pre planned. Failure to act or listen to the concerns surely is a breach of planning and should be reported to a local governing ombudsmen or other such red tap governing big wig. The whole planning system is biased and corrupt against an individual but at least make it look transparent if your not going to play the rules.

2023-01-12 15:10:45

no way can they do this, it's a beautiful area and the council are going to ruin it. I agree with ALL the objections above i also live close to this area and do not want it demolished and ruined, it's not right, there is a lot a wildlife in that area too, I cant believe its been been considered. there are plenty of other places around harlow to put 14 homes. it's also dangerous on that road and should not be made into a big residence area there are a small number of bungalows around and a couple of houses and it already looks crammed, it's a stupid idea an accident waiting to happen the way people drive down that road, take your plans elsewhere harlow council!!

Jeff Fincham
2023-01-12 19:44:35

How is it possible to have access to 10 houses through a minor road leading to the garages my dads house has a back gate that goes straight onto the road apart from a tiny path about a foot wide this is far to dangerous opposite side of this road there are bungalows occupied by older people with the same problem if anybody is knocked down I can see lawsuits being issued!!

2023-01-13 07:34:43

Why don’t the council let streets 2 homes have sherrards house the same as Bromley cottages

2023-01-14 18:08:24

Try putting a Tree Preservation on one or more of the trees, that could affect the planning application, or the number of houses that will be built.

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