Cllr Kay’s Blog: Potholes, mould and days of action

News / Sat 21st Jan 2023 at 07:13am

DRIVING in Harlow is a real test of my skills. It feels more like being on safari or in the outback, so maybe it’s important to see it as a challenge. Unfortunately, some drivers have felt the effects of that challenge in their pockets when their car is damaged. It’s impossible to avoid careering into a chasm when confronted by oncoming traffic and pursued by impatient commuters. I’ve always loved the dodgems, but this is ridiculous.

A change.org petition has been launched by James Griggs, flagging up the appalling neglect of our roads, calling on Essex County Council, Harlow County Councillors and Harlow Council to shake off their inertia, to act. In the UK we drive on the left. In Harlow we drive on what’s left of the road …. but that’s proving extremely difficult! If you’re angry, sign the petition and keep reporting any chasms you encounter, providing you do so safely, of course.

Some Council tenants are in homes beset by damp and mould; in at least one case, fungus-type growths have appeared. We know that damp, mouldy accommodation can make people ill, infecting the lungs of young children particularly acutely. I’ve been helping some local residents and would urge anyone similarly affected to contact the Council and your local councillor again and again, if necessary.

The TUC has declared 1 February 2023 a Day of Action. More than 100,000 civil servants will join one-day action on that day. It’s expected to affect 124 government departments. Others are balloting on industrial action, including HMRC. These are unprecedented times: teachers, nurses, ambulance drivers, rail workers, postal workers, and the list isn’t finished. The issues are pay, staffing, resources, pensions, redundancy terms, job security: pay and conditions, in other words. We need a willingness to negotiate, on both sides.

We need a commitment to get round that table, to thrash out an agreement. Maybe we need a VIP Lane for the real VIPs: the ones who keep our country running, the ones who try to keep us alive?

In the meantime, Harlow TUC has invited trades union spokespeople to a public meeting when we can hear their experiences and question them. I’ll update you on that in my next blog.

It may be a trifle late but Happy New Year! My best wishes.

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10 Comments for Cllr Kay’s Blog: Potholes, mould and days of action:

2023-01-21 09:12:07

So are we seriously being asked to believe that all the potholes and housing defects suddenly materialised i. The last 18 months under the current Conservative administration and that prior to that everything was perfect during Labour’s 10 years in power in Harlow? Come off it Kay! Do you think people are that dumb. Nearly all of the neglect and huge backlog of works occurred under Labour’s incompetence and mismanagement. Only now is this being properly addressed, for example with the roof replacement programme, where local roofing contractors have been hired to undertake this essential work. Harlow Labour did not even keep or maintain proper records of outstanding works. A complete disgrace.. Pull the other one, Kay.

Luke Burton
2023-01-21 09:22:26

Oh great. Another stating-the-bloody-obvious blog.

2023-01-21 09:34:28

Pot Holes: if pictures are taken who do we “report” them to ??

2023-01-21 10:22:23

Barry, I use fixmystreet which will send it to either ecc or Harlow council and you have a record of the report and will asked for updates every 4 weeks.

2023-01-21 10:26:46

Loony Left self promoting councillor, your just stating the obvious.

2023-01-21 12:33:39

We have only had a Tory council for 7 years out of all the years since the town was built.the rest were labour controlled except for a 5-6 year period when there was no overall majority. This alone speaks volumes.

David Forman
2023-01-22 00:44:05

Kay says a lot of good things, but the Government are not prepared to negotiate to end strikes, whereas the unions are happy to talk. The Government want strikes to drag on to justify further restrictions on workers' fundamental right to strike. This is in a country already with the most restrictive anti-strike laws in Europe. The Tory party elects leaders by electronic means. However, strike ballots have to be posted, costing unions up to hundreds of thousands of pounds for the mailout and return free postage. It takes time and unions can be tripped up in the courts for accidental clerical errors that invalidate otherwise democratic votes. It's an obstacle course that favours the bosses and frustrates workers in the pursuit of fair remuneration. So, don't come that Labour Party "negotiation on both sides" nonsense Ms Morrison.

2023-01-22 05:42:22

Usual Labour Momentum hot air and bluster!

Luke Williams
2023-01-22 15:02:44

How about this- To stop the blame culture, all local and county councillors stop taking their allowance and portfolio payments. They continue to get expenses only until the potholes are fixed. Expenses published monthly in the local paper or on council website. This will show their true colours.

Danny Long
2023-01-24 21:48:44

Here is a message to you Kay. The same.e message I use to get thrown I my face when I was a councillor between 2014 and 2024 and was forever campaigning agai st the potholes in Harlow and when your party, the Labour party was the administration party of Harlow. This is a Essex county council matter, not a Harlow District council matter. So back off You bunch of two faced credit snatches.

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