Letter to Editor: Fill in the potholes or we don’t pay the Essex part of the council tax

Politics / Sun 5th Mar 2023 at 01:02pm

Dear Editor,

MY wife Anita and myself have not got a problem when it comes to paying more council tax to fund the Police, Fire and Ambulance services or Harlow Council but when it comes to pay more towards Essex County Council, we do have a problem.

Why do the Harlow residents have to fund them more money when they are not doing anything about the state of the roads and footpaths here in Harlow?

Look at the state of this pothole in Hookfield.

So we are 100 % against funding Essex County Council more.

And come on Russell Perrin and your Tory administration district councillors, you should be in negotiation with your fellow administration county councillors to get the roads and footpaths in Harlow repaired and made safe.

Dan and Anita Long

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10 Comments for Letter to Editor: Fill in the potholes or we don’t pay the Essex part of the council tax:

Pete Henegan
2023-03-05 14:37:40

Wasnt there a promise by the tories to repair first avenue before the recent labour protest. Have just driven down it, hard to tellif anything was done. Was alsoon A414, £000s being spent on repaing barriers

Tony Treacher
2023-03-05 17:45:22

I read in the paper, that must councils in the country, are paying out millions in compensation for damage to cars though pot holes. Surely prevention is better than this?

Kim Oconnor
2023-03-05 17:57:45

I'm just counting the weeks now till ours are done, out side the house, really bad they are. Been circled with red paint. Now going into the 3rd week. 😂

2023-03-05 22:04:31

People of Harlow were sold lies and elected a Tory council. They were sold lies and voted in a Tory government and were sold lies and voted for Brexit. Do we see a pattern yet.

2023-03-06 10:43:42

Andy they are told lies when they elect a labour council or government. Maybe the issue is politicians are in it form themselves and power. Maybe the public sector is bloated and focused on things which do not matter such as net zero, interfering in every aspect of life and business rather than on actually delivering the services we pay for such as health care, and roads.

Klara Bow
2023-03-06 15:13:35

Best thing everyone can do if they want to make a change is make sure they vote in May or even stand for Councillor. Doing nothing to make changes is saying you agree with the status quo. Why always choose Tory or Labour. Green Party councillors will make a positive difference to local issues.

Tina Higginson
2023-03-07 09:14:20

Well said Klara.

David Forman
2023-03-08 02:15:09

Russell Perrin explained at last month's full council meeting that the way Harlow's roads were originally constructed with concrete bases are a large reason for the delamination of the tarmac surface. I believe the road specification was set in place by the 1945-51 Labour Government who started 8 new towns including Harlow.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-03-08 09:11:44

Something to be said about that David, I cannot remember a pot hole appearing on Katherines Way which would have ben built many years after much of the road system in Harlow. Our main roads need to have work done to take them back to basics and re-built to withstand the weight and numbers of traffic using them.

2023-03-08 14:24:30

David - I think originally most of the roads were left as bare concrete and only given a tarmac surface many years later in a bid to make the noise of vehicles using them quieter. To be honest if the tarmac was peeled back off the roads in their entirety back to the concrete it would save a lot of bother. Concrete roads were very common even into the 1980s - a lot of the M25 is still concrete without tarmac, it was just the way it was done with new roads of the period. However the really deep potholes that have roadstone coming out of them are on roads without a concrete base. They need fully reconstructing rather than just infilling as the infill will just pop back out again after a few months.

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