International Women’s Day: A blog by Church Langley councillor Nicky Purse

Politics / Wed 8th Mar 2023 at 01:58pm

CELEBRATING Women, whether professionally or personally, is a sense of commitment to each and every woman in one’s life.

Every year on March 8, International Women’s Day is commemorated. Women from all walks of life gather together around the country, spanning cultural and ethnic divides, to commemorate their battle for peace, justice, equality, and progress.

International Women’s Day is all about valuing oneself and realising one’s full potential. Aside from that, women need to summon the fortitude to overcome all obstacles in all areas of life in order to achieve significant progress.

And for the first time in history, not a single functioning parliament in the world is male only

I will be celebrating and commemorate so may strong women that inspired me from mother, grandmother, sister to my daughter all have been my inspiration.

I would like to think and hope many more women would enter politics to make the difference that is needed for our Town.

And to my fellow colleagues cllr Jean Clark, cllr Sue Livings, cllr Colleen Morrison, cllr Danielle Pritchard, cllr Lanie Shears, cllr Stacey Seals, cllr Nancy Watson and cllr Kay Morrison the strongest possible women I know. I celebrate you all.

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1 Comment for International Women’s Day: A blog by Church Langley councillor Nicky Purse:

James Griggs
2023-03-08 17:28:34

Very well said Nicky. The strongest people I have ever encountered on my journey through life have been women and long may that continue to be the case. Men ignore women at not only their own peril but that of the global community. Here’s to that list of women councillors growing in May, Harlow will be all the better for it.

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