Harlow MP Robert Halfon defends Tories “Stop The Boats” policy

News / Sat 11th Mar 2023 at 10:57am

EARLIER this week, the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman detailed her plans to try and stop the flow of asylum seekers coming into the country.

This was endorsed in a press release by Harlow MP Robert Halfon.

Was this dog-whistle politics that echoed many of the sentiments printed on leaflets by the National Front and distributed around Harlow in 1979 or a genuine attempt to solve a problem in the same way that the prime minister is trying to solve the trade issues in Northern Ireland.

We asked Mr Halfon a few questions about this.

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11 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon defends Tories “Stop The Boats” policy:

Gary Roberts
2023-03-11 13:22:32

And this man has been in office for 13 years. He is playing with human life and it is disgusting. I suspect an election will be called this year after that load of bile.

2023-03-11 15:07:43

Tell you what Gary , how about this for an idea. You house them you feed them and you make sure they have plenty of cash. Will you do that. I very much doubt it , but you expect others to.

Gary Roberts
2023-03-11 16:11:50

Turkey who are they? Do you know? Or are you just adding more to the next Conservative election leaflet: let's frighten people and then we will win the election. It is disgusting and dangerous nonsense sadly.

2023-03-11 23:18:36

Interesting that Harlow Labour is silent on this issue. Their duplicity is a disgrace. British taxpayers are burdened with this scandalous abuse of bogus asylum seekers.

2023-03-12 03:34:18

This country can’t house its own residents let alone anyone else.

2023-03-12 06:47:52

The Tories are soon going into a General Election. What can they proud of after 13 years of leadership? NHS? Social Care? The economy? Education? The price you're paying for shopping? How about how many of us couldn't see our relatives pass away during the pandemic whilst Johnson and Sunak had parties (fact proven because they had police fines). There is very little they can be proud of. So what do they do? Blame the "foreigner" (I hate that word btw) . They tell us "he doesn't look like you and talk like you, but he comes over here, steals your jobs, your houses and your benefits". What they don't say is the jobs and benefits are there for everyone who needs them. As for housing, why are there not enough flats? Could it be because in the past 13 years councils have had their budgets cut time and time again. Meanwhile, the likes of Johnson can ask friends for a £800,000 loan to buy a mansion. The Tories know racism works and wins votes. By telling you it's all their fault, they will convince you to vote for them. It worked when we had the Brexit vote and in other countries through history. Halfon is scared of losing his seat, and after 13 years of governnent, he has every right to be.

2023-03-12 06:57:08

John You make a good point and I find it hard to disagree with everything you say. But I find it very difficult to agree with the ILLEGAL migrants that come here just to scrounge off our benefits system , and make a living stealing and selling drugs. You know this happens. My neighbour just had some work done in her home by Albanians , 2 nights later they robbed her.

2023-03-12 07:16:32

John . I would also like to finally say. The Tories have also had to deal with Covid and a war in Europe, which have cost Billions, do you honestly think any other party would have done better. Unless of course we have a let's give in to Putin party.

2023-03-12 10:23:08

All this is fuelled by the lie that we don't have enough space to accommodate our own children ( generation rent) in order to push up profits for property speculators and create the kind of social divisions reflecting the conversations above take a look at the real picture https://abcfinance.co.uk/blog/who-owns-the-uk/

2023-03-12 14:54:05

From what I've seen of them on the boats, getting rescued, arriving on shore and hanging around the hotels they're being housed in at my expense they are invariably young men. Not refugees at all but economic migrants. Illegal immigrants. Get them out of those hotels and out of the country. There are no wars and no persecution in France. No reason to leave there.

Shirley Cranswick
2023-03-12 15:45:15

These Illegal Immigrants claiming to be Asylum seekers. What is happening in their country that they need Asylum elsewhere! None! There are no wars that they are fleeing from. The women I have a different feeling about as many are fleeing the tyranny of their religion and the abuse inflicted upon women starting at a very young age. The males are fleeing from nothing. They want to be in a country that will take care of them but actually have zero skills to offer in exchange. Somebody on social media asked 'Just what or who are they running from???) We absolutely must not be putting them into luxury apartments at all and they should all be sent to a detention centre and returned to the first safe country they to and go through the correct process that other immigrants coming into this country have done. The War in Ukraine is the best example. Those poor people had lost everything but STILL went through the correct process to come to the UK and many are working and contributing to our country, not bleeding us dry like these boat people.

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