Cooks Spinney pupils look to future careers

Cooks Spinney Primary Academy / Thu 30th Mar 2023 at 06:13am

TEACHER are looking younger these days. As are office assistants and site managers.

Pupils at Cooks Spinney Primary Academy, in Harlow, applied for and took on new roles as part of Careers Week.

Having heard from a range of visitors about their work as a midwife, a magician, a nurse and a journalist, pupils discussed jobs they may pursue in future.

As part of the week, pupils were invited to apply for jobs around the school, including head of school, office assistant, site manager, art teacher and co-educator.

They wrote to the head of school explaining why they were interested in the position and outlining the skills and ideas they could bring to the role.

Head of school Amber Wade said: “The lucky candidates had a fantastic day shadowing the relevant members of staff. The newly appointed head of school led an assembly and conducted a learning walk. The office assistant helped with greeting visitors and delivering messages to teachers.

“It was wonderful to see how inspired the children felt after listening to the careers talk. It opened their eyes to all the different career paths they could take in the future.”

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