Letter to Editor: Are the Harlow Tories tiptoeing to defeat

Politics / Wed 3rd May 2023 at 07:19am

Dear Editor,

OVER many years I’ve discovered how noisily or quietly political parties deliver their leaflets depending on their likely results as expressed by pollsters.

The current ruinous cost of living that includes food price inflation running at 19.2 percent for March this year requires a “below the radar” approach by the Conservative Party.

In my area of Sumners a lot people are homeowners with many having a mortgage to pay or are young people paying private rent. The increase in the cost of mortgages has made many of my neighbours angry with the Conservative government.

The rise in mortgage rates is influenced by the Bank of England base rate. In December 2021 it was at a historic low of 0.1%, but in March this year it was 4.25%. This is the highest level for 14 years. Around 1.4 million fixed rate mortgages are due for renewal this year, with 57 percent of them fixed previously at under 2 percent interest rate according to the Office for National Statistics.

Early this morning (1st May) I received a Conservative Party postcard delivered by Cllr Mike Garnett. I found it odd how quietly he walked up my driveway and how gingerly he posted the card through my letterbox to ensure that the card did not hit the mat in the hallway. I would not be surprised if Cllr Garnett and fellow Tory councillors were wearing trainers to minimize early warning of their arrival.

I say odd because if I cast my mind back to 2021, when the Conservatives won a thumping victory, the leaflets were thrust through my letterbox with all the noise of a tornado rattling the flap and the leaflets ending up halfway down my hallway.

All in all, the evidence leads me to believe the local Conservatives are tiptoeing to defeat!


David Forman

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8 Comments for Letter to Editor: Are the Harlow Tories tiptoeing to defeat:

2023-05-03 07:44:12

You say it was early, maybe he was being considerate and did not want to disturb you and your family.

David Forman
2023-05-03 08:00:38

Nick, it was around 10am, which is early for me on a Bank holiday Monday.

James Leppard
2023-05-03 09:04:22

Labour in Harlow offer no credible alternative. They have no local plans or policies (they had none during their decade in power). They only focus on issues over which they have no influence whatsoever. Harlow Labour doesn’t even have a Parliamentary candidate, which testifies to their lack of interest in Harlow.

David Vincent
2023-05-03 09:33:50

To answer Cllr Leopard, Harlow Labour have since 2010 left their parliamentary candidate selection process until close to the election. Before that Bill Rammell was a settled candidate for many years.

David Forman
2023-05-03 10:13:46

Mr Leppard, Labour in power brought housing and landscape maintenance back in-house through HTS and built council houses in 2015 for the first time in decades for example. The council housing evidence: https://www.yourharlow.com/2015/12/03/new-council-homes-in-harlow-named-in-honour-of-fallen-hero-private-robert-foster/

Peter Henegan
2023-05-03 21:27:29

David Vincent, Labour leaving their candidate selection until close to the elections worked a treat didn't it!

David Forman
2023-05-03 23:49:13

Peter Henegan, it is the Eastern Region Labour Party that sets the schedule for candidate selection. The local party don't get a say in it.

2023-05-05 18:17:00

Leaving the selection/announcement until that late in the process is constantly a fail. How are the residents of the town meant to get familiar with the candidate, get an idea and understanding of their views and plans? Build up trust that they have the best intentions and an interest in improving our daily lives? This constant previously-unknown character popping up weeks before voting is flawed planning. The timetable is wrong and ERLP need to urgently change it before the next election(s).

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