Letter to Editor: New Mark Hall councillor thanks residents

Elections / Fri 5th May 2023 at 10:15am

Dear Editor,

I AM thrilled to have been elected as a Harlow District Councillor in yesterday’s (4th May 2023) elections to represent Mark Hall ward for the next year. 

I would like to thank every resident who took their time out of their day to vote. I promise I will work tirelessly for all within the Mark Hall ward and in Harlow.

I’d also like to pay tribute and say thanks to the outgoing Councillor Bob Davis, who stood down this year after many years of dedication and hard work within Mark Hall. Bob was an amazing Councillor and will certainly be a hard act to follow. 

A huge thank you to Cllr Lanie Shears, whose support during the campaign has been unrivalled as my agent, friend and now, colleague. 

Thanks also to all the Labour Party members who have campaigned all year round.

Upon reflection, last night’s result for Labour was a positive one. Considering the result two years ago, we’ve made an incredible comeback and look forward to campaigning to retake the Council from this financially reckless and chaotic incumbent Tory administration. 

I’m really looking forward to joining the Labour Group and working to improve Harlow and Mark Hall for the better. I’ll be back out on the doorstep very soon, talking to the residents within Mark Hall and listening to what they would like improved in Mark Hall and the town. 

I would like to extend an invitation to Mark Hall ward residents, to come along to my Ward Surgery with Cllr Lanie Shears’ in Mark Hall Library on Saturday 13th May at 10am. 

I can’t wait to get started; The hard work starts now!

Councillor Aiden O’Dell (Lab)

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5 Comments for Letter to Editor: New Mark Hall councillor thanks residents:

peter henegan
2023-05-05 10:28:50

Congratulations Aiden! But why do you say this "financially reckless and chaotic incumbent Tory administration". Perhaps you would be kind enough to provide figures that support this, presumably you are referring to the council not govt. Perhaps the tories will provide numbers to show that this isn't the case. I really don't know the truth, I do know that my Harlow council tax hasn't gone up under the Tories.

David Forman
2023-05-05 10:40:28

I hope the electors of Mark Hall remember Aiden's promise: "I promise I will work tirelessly for all within the Mark Hall ward and in Harlow."

Sinead Juhas
2023-05-05 14:31:52

Well done Aiden. I know there will be alot of talk regarding the number 8 bus. This has been cut back so much. The first bus along Momples road in the morning isn’t till nearly 10am.

Terry Kirkby
2023-05-05 21:03:10

Congratulations Aiden! I remember in your early years picking you and taking you to work ! Lol however regarding the buses or shall we say the scrap heap challenge buses that no other council want due to pollution and noise can we not get the little buzz buses back that used to roam the streets as they were much quieter! if we cannot is there any chance we can redirect the current buses past the senior Tory councillors homes and let's be honest they do run until midnight stopping residents having windows open and sleeping due to the shear noise of the fans on them!!! so first bus at 10am im sure is a welcome break for the Momples road residents ! and while we are on the topic of Momples road can the tarmac team come back and finish the job they started and also remove those chunks of rubber in the middle of the Road IE crap speed humps

Alderman Durcan
2023-05-06 16:07:14

Aiden will enrich the Labour team with his experience in the business world. He is one to watch. His mum was a former Labour councillor who I had the pleasure of working with.

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