Letter to Editor: Will Potter Street be ignored for another year?

Politics / Fri 12th May 2023 at 08:38am

Dear Editor,

NOW that the local elections are over and the political nonsense is now in abeyance with no change for at least a year, I would like to address the ongoing issues in my area of Potter Street.

The residents’ have been badly let down by our councillors, two of which should be ashamed given they currently hold important portfolio’s within the council.  

The longstanding issue of Osler House is a sore that keeps on hurting despite this organ endlessly covering the issue. Indeed there has been no visible movement in getting it sorted out by this council despite the current leader telling me work was due to start in February 2022. 

Osler House should have been a versatile and thriving well-being hub by now with some NHS medical assistance available given the assurance of Dr. Jane Halpin the now lead officer in the new local integrated health authority who told me she supported the develop of the hub. Instead the building remains in a derelict state and has been since 2018.

The other issue is the lack of council services in the area. The disgraceful closure of the local council neighbourhood office in 2003 just makes another sore bleed. The building has now been empty for twenty years and looks like it will remain so for another. The residents want it reopened for the benefit of the community just like it did back in 2003. 

The recent ending of our local bus service just suggests this council has no interest in my community and is prepared to let it rot and disintegrate just like the buildings within it. No wonder the turnout was disgracefully low just a week ago. 

The residents’ in this community deserve better but with a council so immersed in warm words and BS and a leader who I told had no discernible leadership skills nothing will change.

In 2024, all councillor positions are up for election but will anything change for my community? Yes Osler House and the neighbourhood office will have deteriorated for another year. 

You couldn’t make it up, so I haven’t!


Gary Roberts

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5 Comments for Letter to Editor: Will Potter Street be ignored for another year?:

2023-05-12 09:36:53

We need police presence in potter street aswell to deal with the anti social behaviour that we all have to suffer day in day out.

David Forman
2023-05-12 11:53:02

The Leader Russell Perrin didn't like me reminding him last night that the buck stops with him. They like the fancy titles when everything is going great, but get upset when people demand action. I recently described Potter Street as "the land that time forgot."

Jake Shepherd
2023-05-13 12:26:14

These are all reasons why turnout should be higher, it's embarrassing (especially given you can vote from your sofa with a postal vote...). I completely agree with you Gary, but I must insist that change happens through the ballot box. If your elected representatives are letting you down, don't re-elect them - vote them out. Otherwise, they can continue with impunity. Harlow Police often do community coffee mornings/afternoons, so I would encourage people to attend or maybe ask a retired neighbour or community representative to attend (as I know myself I wouldn't be able to attend due to full-time employment). I am pretty up to speed with the Osler Saga, but I'd be interested in what HHCT (Harlow Health Centres Trust) have to say about all this, and when the Integrated Health Board will act on this!

gary roberts
2023-05-13 12:54:09

Tea, sympathy and advice is always welcome. I can patronise just like you Mr. Shepherd. What is needed is action to get things done not, come into my pantry and I will listen to you and then go home. I have stood three times in my area as an independent candidate and did not get elected. What else would you suggest: ask the current council to help? We have done that and still no action on vitally needed services. I am angry as are the residents: so what will Labour do to sort this out?

2023-05-14 07:15:29

If you didn’t have potterstreet Wombles it would be even move of a dump this whole town seems to be a disgrace you only have to have a quick walk around the town centre to see that what is going on in this town 😞

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