Our tribute to Harlow’s much loved adopted Dane, Jorn Johansson, who has passed away aged 75

Harlow is 70: Why I Came Here / Fri 12th May 2023 at 09:09am

FOUR years ago, the Danish Broadcasting Company teamed up with Your Harlow as part of a news item on how Brexit was coming along in the country.

They were very pleased when we told them we knew a Dane living here.

When we took them to see Jorn Johansson (and his wife Veronica) in Tanyard Place, Jorn told them about his early life in Denmark. He also mentioned that he was in the army.

When he showed them his marines beret, the journalist eyes widened and she said: “Oh, the serious army!”.

Jorn Johansson has passed away in Denmark aged 75. Over the past few years, the body was slowly wearing out. It was frustrating for Jorn but he was always very stoical and philosophical.

Jorn had moved here in 1987. Many will have known him from the Ju-Jitsu scene as well as his presence as a postman.

Jorn and Veronica moved back to Denmark in 2021.

From a personal point of view, we always enjoyed his company. He was one of those men who thought about things a great deal. Jorn cared.

Back in 2017, YH ran a series of filmed interviews about why people came to live in Harlow.

We are repeating the film as a tribute to Jorn.

Our thoughts are with his wife Veronica and all of those in Denmark.

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10 Comments for Our tribute to Harlow’s much loved adopted Dane, Jorn Johansson, who has passed away aged 75:

Ian Gunter
2023-05-12 11:12:29

I'm sure Jorn was my boss at Royal Mail when I did a 6 month summer casual gig as a postman. I remember him being a really nice guy.

Jimmy Johansson
2023-05-12 11:20:12

My dear dad and my chrildrens hero and grandad we Will miss you a true hero😭❤️

Shirley Brightman
2023-05-12 12:04:20

The world has lost a very beautiful soul, RIP Jorn, 💙

helge meyer
2023-05-12 14:34:33

Wi war sammen i JGK og paa Faldskärms Skole i Tyskland sidst vi var sammen var den 3 maj 2023 Hos Jägerkorpset,hvor vi fortalte vores historie.Derefter körte jeg dig Til aalborg,vi blev enig om at Nina og jeg skulle komme til jer.I var paa Besög hos os i Tyskland. Jeg savner dig allerrede,jeg harr svärt ved at fälde en taare.Men det har jeg gjort, for vi havde aftalt it Nina og jeg skulle komme til jer. Vi Mennesker tänker og Gud han leder. VI SES. Helge JGK nr 89.

Caroline Oakley
2023-05-12 15:40:16

Remembering a true gentleman xx Have known Veronica Joern’s wife all our family life …. He will be sadly missed xxx💙

John Shelton
2023-05-12 18:10:44

Thoughts are with Veronica, family and his many friends. Jorn was an exceptional and caring man a true friend who will be missed by everyone who knew him. RIP Jorn

2023-05-12 20:34:30

It’s really good listening to Joern talk and remember the journey to Harlow and then meeting you. Veronica these memories will live on forever in these interviews but in your heart ❤️ But when he talks of 1989 and meeting you , you can hear and feel his love for you 💕💕💕

Tina Fawcett
2023-05-13 05:57:02

Jorn was an amazing man! He achieved so much in his life …. We share so many memories. He will be sadly missed ….

Maureen Nimmo
2023-05-13 09:12:20

RIP Jorn, a true gentleman, achieved so much yet so humble x

Sue and Henry
2023-05-13 12:48:20

Met Jorn on holiday about 25 years ago. He was a lovely man and our thoughts and prayers go out to Veronica. He’ll be greatly missed

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