Cooks Spinney Primary Academy on its way to “Outstanding” following glowing report from Ofsted

Cooks Spinney Primary Academy / Tue 11th Jul 2023 at 09:00am

OFSTED have praised the work of Cooks Spinney Primary Academy following a Section 8 inspection, suggesting the school could be judged Outstanding with a full (Section 5) inspection.

Inspectors, who visited the school on the 23rd and 24th of May, have noted that skilled staff deliver the curriculum consistently well and that the curriculum, designed by school leaders, ensures that pupils have opportunities to build on what they already know.

It was clear that taking on responsibilities is central to pupils’ school life at Cooks Spinney. Roles such as class ambassadors and the junior leadership team enable pupils to make a positive difference. Pupils are rightly proud of their school and achievements.

The pupils are described as behaving exceptionally well. The positive attitudes and strength of character shown by pupils is a key factor in their success, which is attributed to the staff who ensure that all pupils are ready and able to learn.

SEND support is efficient with the equal weighting of academic and pastoral support to ensure pupils with SEND achieve well. School leaders ensure pupils with SEND access the same ambitious curriculum as their peers.

Head of School, Amber Wade, has thanked the staff, pupils, families and wider community who all contribute to the school, currently graded Good –

Ms Wade said: “We are really pleased the work of the school is acknowledged in the report, I’d like to thank all staff, pupils, parents and governors for their ongoing work and support as we continue our journey to being an outstanding school.”

Read the full report on cooksspinneyacademy.org

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3 Comments for Cooks Spinney Primary Academy on its way to “Outstanding” following glowing report from Ofsted:

2023-07-11 09:37:00

been a great school for my kids so far

2023-07-11 20:06:33

I have no complaints about this school, the education it provides, the safeguarding of everyone or lack of transparency. The staff, head, and educators are wonderful. I’m so satisfied that this is the place my children attend.

2023-07-13 07:20:38

We found it as a perfect place for our kids to Learn and grow in an amazing friendly environment.

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