Harlow officially unveils Zelenskyy Avenue named in honour of Ukraine president

Harlow is 75: A Celebration of Global Harlow / Sat 22nd Jul 2023 at 12:41pm

A STREET in Harlow has been officially unveiled as the UK’s first road named after the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Fifth Avenue in Harlow has become Fifth Avenue – Zelenskyy Avenue, using an alternative spelling.

The name of the late President of Chile, Salvador Allende (Allende Avenue) has been removed.

Ukraine ambassador to the UK, Vadym Prystaiko, was due to attend the unveiling but Mr Zelensky announced he had sacked the official moments before.

However, the special event at the Harlow Council offices went ahead.

Harlow councillors, staff from HTS, Water Gardens and Essex Police were in attendance as well as a number of families who are resident in Ukraine.

Speeches by Harlow Council leader Dan Swords and MP Robert Halfon are below.

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16 Comments for Harlow officially unveils Zelenskyy Avenue named in honour of Ukraine president:

2023-07-22 12:55:35


Dan smith
2023-07-22 13:47:53

So pathetic dont let putin find out or harlow will be next to be bombed Or why not name an avenue in harlow as putin Avenue or sunak avenue bloody stupid there are more things you can do like sort the knife crime out and get rid of all the londoners like in terminus house and temple field house sort this town out and make it a better place and safe instead of changing signs that are pathetic

Bruce Downey
2023-07-22 14:28:10

🚕 Take me to Zelenskyy Avenue..has a nice ring to it.

2023-07-22 15:34:39

Did my comment get deleted?

Sally kemp
2023-07-22 15:43:47

Stop getting political in Harlow. It’s a big mistake. It will attract negative press. Also: not all of us agreed on this. Some of us didn’t want the name change , we were never asked. It was the idea of the clowns that govern Harlow. A lot of the Harlow people didn’t agree to this. We’ve done enough helping people in Harlow , Harlow has been a very kind place to Ukrainian refugees, but it doesn’t have to be advertised . This is virtue signalling - it’s pathetic.

2023-07-22 16:26:02

Just driven back into Harlow this afternoon and all the signs have white paint over the new name. Pathetic!

Ferlipe Ferlop
2023-07-22 18:34:54

Can we add face palms yet? There are many things that need to be done to Harlow Roads and shameless pr stunts aren't one of them.

2023-07-23 06:11:33

I saw the white taped Sharpie edited version the other morning which read "peace avenue". Merit to the phantom artist for this. I see it's the same sign that the beeb took a picture on as the white tape traces were still visible on the blue sign!

Eddy Grant
2023-07-23 07:12:56

Oh no we gonna rock down to Zelenskyy avenue And then we'll take it higher.

John Furlong
2023-07-23 12:24:26

The quality of some roads in Harlow are akin to those that have been destroyed in the Ukraine. Perhaps we should spend more time addressing the quality of these roads and less time engaging in arbitrary tokenism by renaming them.

2023-07-23 15:01:41

Sort the roads and pavements outand stop wasting money on stupid renaming of road signs. Pathetic.

2023-09-04 06:57:38

Funny, how reading the comments unveils that no one is on the side of this war and still, the mainstream media says that the British public wants it. Do they listen to any one apart from their pockets?

2023-09-23 00:33:26

He is loosing a whole country and we give him a avenue in Harlow as a gift. Its going to be hurtful to him surely? Just take care of the people and give help physically.

Danny Finch
2023-10-01 08:00:44

They are using Ukraine as a money laundering base. Have you seen videos from the nightlife in Ukraine. Seems pretty normal to me, football games still taking place etc Wake up people this is a fake money war just like every other war we have been involved with. These politicians are feeding you with the upmost amount of propaganda.

2024-03-06 08:29:49

Since the guardian put out an article confirming this war was mostly a power grab for NATO can we stop doing embarrassing things likes naming our streets after war hungry rich people?

2024-04-17 11:54:32

That should be taken off.....!!

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