Beauty and the Beast: Harlow Playhouse unveils stellar cast for 2023 pantomime extravaganza

Entertainment / Thu 28th Sep 2023 at 12:58pm

HARLOW Playhouse & KD Theatre Productions is thrilled to announce the enchanting and star-studded cast for this year’s eagerly awaited pantomime, “Beauty and the Beast.” This timeless tale of love and transformation is set to dazzle audiences of all ages with its captivating performances and magical production values!

Leading the cast as The Beast is the incredibly talented Danny Becker, known for his remarkable West End credits in productions such as “Frozen,” “The Prince of Egypt,” and “Aladdin.” His commanding stage presence and remarkable vocal talents are sure to bring The Beast to life in a truly spectacular way.

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Taking on the iconic role of Belle is the sensational Kellie Gnauck, who has previously wowed audiences in “Bat out of Hell the Musical” in the West End and on an international tour. Her impressive repertoire also includes appearances in “School of Rock” and the “Evita” tour, making her the perfect choice to portray the intelligent and kind-hearted Belle.

Stepping into the shoes of the evil villain, Morgiana, Queen of the Wolves, is the remarkable Joanna O’Hare. Fresh from appearing in the West End’s “Aspects of Love,”O’Hare is ready to step into the ‘panto baddy’ shoes and with wow the audience with her killer vocals!

The dashing Gastrong will be portrayed by Sam Toland, whose West End credits include the widely acclaimed “The Book of Mormon.” With his charisma and stage presence, Toland is sure to capture the hearts of the audience as this charming character.

Returning for his remarkable 10th year as Harlow Playhouse’s favourite Dame, the incomparable Jimmy Burton-Iles will be gracing the stage as Madame Cherry Bon Bon. His comedic timing, outrageous costumes and larger-than-life personality are guaranteed to have the audience in stitches.

Last but certainly not least, Harlow’s very own Ben Parsley will be back with his zany antics as Silly Billy. His local charm and boundless energy promise to provide plenty of laughs for both young and old.

“Beauty and the Beast” is set to be a magical and unforgettable experience for the whole family. With this incredible cast of talented performers, audiences can expect a pantomime like no other, filled with laughter, love, and enchantment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this enchanting journey. Book your tickets now for “Beauty and the Beast” at the Harlow Playhouse and prepare for a pantomime season filled with wonder and delight.

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6 Comments for Beauty and the Beast: Harlow Playhouse unveils stellar cast for 2023 pantomime extravaganza:

2023-09-29 06:36:51

I bet it won't be as good as the "local" ones which used to be put on. They were real pantomimes not a platform for star's egos.

2023-09-29 06:54:45

David, bar humbug!! I am sure it will be great, and look forward to taking the kids to see it, whilst your whinging at home about something else no one really gives a dam about! Get a life........

2023-09-29 09:37:55

I need to say it I cannot understand how Ben Parsley has not gone places he to me is everything id love to see on tv his wit, charm, hilarious fun nature he is the reason I go to most of the shows at the playhouse because he to me makes the night fun with his lightheart energetic sillyness keep up the good work Ben!

2023-09-29 18:22:09

David , stars with egos ? All the performers are west end performers who have worked their socks off with training to be where they are today ! Not to mention Ben who is a local talent ! Do your research ! I say qdos to Harlow Playhouse for putting on a spectacular production instead of one filled with Z list celebrities like most other pantomimes !

2023-09-29 19:17:23

Should be local actors, will it cost more to see these ‘stars’ in Harlow’s pantomime?

Jen Pierson
2023-12-30 11:46:04

Incredible professional performances by all but for us Ben Parsley stole the show. Or granddaughters could not stop laughing! Will be back next year! Amazing dancing wolves! Lucky Harlow having you guys appear here!

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