St Clare Hospice: GriefLine extends opening hours to offer enhanced support

Charity / Mon 9th Oct 2023 at 08:04am

GRIEFLINE  (01279 945089), a leading local free telephone support service run by St Clare Hospice is pleased to announce a significant expansion of its service hours to better meet the needs of people experiencing grief and loss. 

Starting 2nd October 2023 GriefLine extended its opening hours, starting at 8am every weekday morning and extending the afternoon hours from 5.00pm to 8.00pm every Tuesday and Thursday.

Chloe Rich, Project Manager for GriefLine at St Clare Hospice said, “This decision reflects our ongoing commitment to providing accessible and compassionate support to those who are navigating the challenging journey of grief. The extended hours will enable more people to seek emotional support and a listening ear during the early mornings and evenings when emotional support can be especially crucial. GriefLine remains dedicated to being a lifeline for those in need, ensuring that help is just a call away when it matters most.

GriefLine now operates from 8am – 5pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 8am to 8pm on a Tuesday and a Thursday. It is run by a team of St Clare Hospice staff and volunteers, trained to deliver emotional support to those who are struggling with their grief. 

Since its launch in June 2020, the free telephone support line has received over 1,000 calls. Chloe added, ‘Some callers have experienced a recent bereavement, but for others the bereavement was some time ago. GriefLine is crucial for individuals coping with both a recent or long-standing bereavement. It offers a compassionate, non-judgmental space where people can share their feelings, and work through their grief. Regardless of when the loss occurred, GriefLine provides invaluable emotional support.

Chloe explained, ‘Sometimes it is useful to think that when bereavement happens it has an effect on every area of your life. It used to be thought that this grief got smaller as time went on and eventually disappeared. However, we now believe that the grief stays the same and that it is our life that grows around our grief, but our grief stays within us. Of course at times there may be a trigger due to a specific event or at a random moment and we might dip back into that grief.’

Everyone experiences grief in different ways, with painful emotions often returning at unexpected times, it is understandable that during these times no matter how long ago your grief was you may need to reach out for support or a listening ear. 

What can GriefLine offer you?

·        Talk to a trained volunteer offering emotional support and a listening ear

·        Talk about your grief in a safe and confidential space, with someone who understands what you’re going through

·        Get help accessing other services and local community resources

If you would like to speak to someone about your grief, no matter how long ago you were bereaved, the number to call is 01279 945089. GriefLine is free to call, though charges may apply in line with your standard network rate.

For more information on GriefLine, visit: griefline.co.uk

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