Harlow-based Freemasons donate thousands to cancer charity

Charity / Sat 14th Oct 2023 at 10:33am

WHEN John Mosely, Charity of Steward of Deo Confidimus Lodge which meets at Harlow Masonic Hall,  wanted the Lodge to support the new Worshipful Master’s list for Jeff Haight, he recommended Romford Based ‘Mitchell’s Miracles’ https://www.mitchellsmiracles.co.uk  to support with £1,000, which was then match funded by the Essex Provincial Charity Fund to make a total of £2,000.  

​Neuroblastoma is a hard to diagnose cancer that manifests in children. Because the symptoms are similar to general feelings of being unwell; like being off food, constipation, sweating and having general aches and pains, the early signs are often missed.

Mitchell’s Miracles was founded in 2013 by the parents of Mitchell after he gained his angel wings on 25th August 2012, aged just 7. His journey with Neuroblastoma, and his bravery, compelled them to open this children’s cancer charity in Romford helped by other local supporters. There were two important points they wanted to raise: 

● One: to raise awareness of childhood cancer Neuroblastoma in the UK

● Two: to support families (both emotionally and financially) with children having treatment of this condition.

It is their aim to provide emotional and financial assistance to all UK families with children suffering from Neuroblastoma childhood cancer. They understand that families need help with managing the emotional and financial stresses that can occur and supporting all families in this way is our main aim.

This Romford charity works on the basis that all parents/carers, in the UK, with a child suffering from Neuroblastoma a childhood cancer, can access their services. 

They are currently supporting over 50 children under the age of 18 all over the UK, but there are more that they would like to support. 

Community Fund Raiser, Kim Ballinger, said, “All donations are important to the work we do, we want to support all neuroblastoma sufferers, but we are limited. This money will let us support more! As we support more patients, we feel that we are making a difference.”

Chris Hicks, the Provincial Charity Steward for Essex Freemasons, said “Support for smaller, but very important, charities is key to how we can help in the community. This is the second time that the Essex Provincial Charity Fund has supported Mitchell’s Miracles, and I sure it will not be the last.” 


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2 Comments for Harlow-based Freemasons donate thousands to cancer charity:

Nicholas Turner
2023-10-15 13:12:30

Heart warming

Matthew Saggers
2023-10-16 20:23:27

Well done to my fellow Harlow Masons. It great to see good causes getting help.

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