Ghanaian Union present generous donation to Harlow Foodbank

Charity / Sun 19th Nov 2023 at 12:01pm

HARLOW’S GHANA Union made a generous donation to the Harlow Foodbank this week.

Helen Verary and her team met with the chief executive of the Michael Robert Charitable Trust to Han dover a cheque for £500.00.

It has been a busy year for the Ghana Union, who have are a remarkable contribution to life in the town.

We asked Helen to give us an overview of the work that they do.

Helen said: “Following the unique, spectacular, colourful and well-attended Ghana Union Harlow Inauguration through our fundraising campaign in May of this year, to raise awareness of blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney diseases in Ghanaian communities living in the UK and support efforts for prevention and education in Ghana and additionally support the Harlow Food Bank.

We were appreciative and humbled to have received such a large number of organisations, clubs, groups, local residents and surrounding environs who genuinely helped us to raise a significant sum of money for a deserving cause.

Collectively, we uphold the statement made by the Bible: “Whoever is kind to the poor (those in need or vulnerable) lends to the lord and will reward them for what they have done” which we are keeping our word today and giving a portion of our fundraising proceeds to the Foodbank in Harlow to help them continue their good work feeding the vulnerable and the impoverished by providing long-lasting food parcels and hygienic products.  

It is always fulfilling to work with such a wonderful institution as the Harlow Foodbank; it gives us a sense of accomplishment as a charity group to collaborate.

Under the auspices of the Ghana High Commission and the Ghana Union UK and Ireland, to which we are affiliated, Ghana Union Harlow was established five years ago

“We are one of the largest community groups in Harlow representing Ghanaians in Harlow and surrounding areas, and we are happy to have partnered with several businesses, organisations, churches, and groups in the area. We have also actively pushed for reforms that have been implemented and are improving the community as a whole in Harlow.

Additionally, we are honoured to have been named one of the Gems of Harlow our greatest achievement by far.

“Our shared goals for the future include ensuring that members receive the best help and resources available and are quickly signposted when needed; boosting the number of community events to combat loneliness, foster community integration, encourage inclusivity, diversity, collaborations  and support charitable causes; and endorsing any projects targeted at improving the wellbeing and welfare of our members and the development of our Harlow community as a whole.

“For any information about the group please contact them through their social media handles or emailing – [email protected]

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3 Comments for Ghanaian Union present generous donation to Harlow Foodbank:

david Carter
2023-11-20 10:17:38

Thankyou to Helen and her Group Its Great for Harlows Residents to receive help. and its shows positive action is always welcome.

Eric Dankwa
2023-11-20 17:29:16

Very well and beautiful thought for Ghana Union Harlow your generosity.

Alexander Ampong-Sam
2023-11-20 20:20:40

Well done Ghana Union.

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