Abbotsweld Primary Academy shines in a term of sporting excellence

Abbotsweld Primary Academy / Wed 13th Dec 2023 at 08:01am

ABBOTSWELD Primary Academy has once again proven its commitment to holistic education, showcasing a diverse range of sporting fixtures and learning experiences throughout the term. 

Throughout the term, Abbotsweld Primary Academy has been a hub of activity, partaking in a myriad of sporting events that have allowed students to not only hone their athletic abilities but also to cultivate essential life skills. Netball, football, Tag Rugby, and fundamental skills have been at the forefront of the school’s curricular offerings, providing students with opportunities to engage in both competitive and collaborative activities.

The commitment and positive conduct of the Abbotsweld students both on and off the pitch have been commendable. Miss Ings, one of Abbotsweld’s sports coaches, expressed her pride in witnessing the determination, kindness, and resilience displayed by the children during lessons and competitions alike.

The sporting opportunities extended beyond the school’s curriculum, involving a range of extracurricular activities, participation in events organised by the NET Academies Trust and collaborations with other schools in Harlow. This broader engagement has not only allowed children to broaden their horizons but has also fostered a sense of community and camaraderie.

Parents have also taken notice of the positive impact of these sporting activities on their children. One parent taking time to email, expressing admiration for the school’s efforts, highlighting the excellent behavior by Abbotsweld children at one of the competitions.

As the term comes to a close, Abbotsweld Primary Academy stands proud of its children’s achievements and the positive influence it continues to exert within the NET Academies Trust and the wider Harlow Schools community. The commitment to nurturing not only academic but also personal and social development remains unwavering, ensuring that Abbotsweld students are well-prepared for success both on and off the field.

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