Harlow’s Chris Vince looks to twin challenges of winning back the council and becoming the town’s next MP

General Election 2024 / Sat 6th Jan 2024 at 11:12am

THIS is going to be a very busy year for Chris Vince.

He is the leader of Harlow Labour. In May, all 33 seats are up for grabs in what are called all out elections.

Labour will be eager to win back the council they so spectacularly lost in 2021.

Meanwhile, Mr Vince is Labour’s parliamentary candidate at the next General Election, which we think will be any Thursday between October 24th and December 4th.

We caught up with Mr Vince in the town park in this the first week of January to see how he views the challenges of the coming year.

In case you are tempted to write “But I don’t know what Labour’s policies are. The link below is a 115 page documen that may be of help.


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18 Comments for Harlow’s Chris Vince looks to twin challenges of winning back the council and becoming the town’s next MP:

2024-01-06 11:29:02

Chris is welcome to come talk to us at our Harlow space company - to understand our concerns.

Jake Shepherd
2024-01-06 11:40:21

Without a shadow of a doubt, Labour and Chris Vince has an aspirational vision for Harlow and our country. Chris would be a tremendous MP, and I will be supporting him all the way. It's a shame the government can't commit to a May election, or even a June one. The clock is ticking, be it on climate change, the cost of living or our standing in the world... Its time for a Labour's Government.

2024-01-06 11:57:18

Good luck Chris. Harlow, and the country as a whole, have gone downhill in the 14 years the Conservatives have been in government.

2024-01-06 12:18:18

Mark, I think you need to be honest, it has gone down hill rapidly since 1997 and before that it was not great. But the rot started with new labour and the big state. PFI, end of boom and bust, house prices rising rapidly (with no real justification), pensions destroyed. Then we had Camron the heir to Blair and his weak collation, along with ill thought out referendums. We all want to a good country, and one which helps those who need it, we need to get inspirational and be daring and that means doing things in a different way to what we have done previously. It also means the traditional parties, who are far to invested in the current playing politics need to evolve or become obsolete like the dinosaurs they are becoming.

2024-01-06 14:11:48

God help Harlow if this Cherry Picking Windbag gets in FFS......

2024-01-06 14:18:36

I would have to agree With Adam. No one doubts that it's time for a new mp, but neither Conservative or Labour are worthy to represent us. Locally Mark, Harlow Labour party have done most of the damage to Harlow having been the majority council party till 2021. Let's be honest, neither party are worthy of harlow residents votes for council or mp. They are just two sides of the same worn out coin. If ever there was an election year to have "none of the above" on the ballot paper, this year would be it.

Mandy Collins
2024-01-06 14:50:09

Jake Shephard, I am sure the NHS must have a cure programme for whatever you are smoking. Don't delay. This guy, the Labour candidate is going to do nothing change concrete to stop Newham and any other crap London boroughs from shipping their undesirables to our Town. Labour are useless when it comes defending our town and country.

George Samuels
2024-01-06 15:17:29

When asked about Newham dumping people here, Chris Vince just spoke BS! Labour will never stop these types coming here. For Labour the more people on benefits and migrants the better. We cannot let them run our council or country. We might want a change, but Labour is not the answer.

2024-01-06 16:33:52

I think you’ll almost certainly be getting my vote and good to hear that you won’t be wasting your time on populism or nationalism. I have a few concerns - The disgraced MP Jeremy Corbyn chose Harlow to launch one of his campaigns as the Harlow Labour Party was his kind of Labour Party. For years, we were represented by the vile Stan Newens with his unpleasant views on feminism, ‘gay lifestyles’ and on rooting our anti-semitsm in the Labour Party. I can see that most of the old Labour faces have gone - either dead or retired and hopefully you no longer call each other ‘Comrade’ in Labour Party meetings! I guess I just want you to reassure me that you are different from the Marxist, Ceaușescu apologist that represented us before and that you will work for the people of Harlow and not for some Union paymaster or in support of some outdated ideology ! - Thank you!

2024-01-06 16:41:43

Harlow Labour continues to be inept and a complete joke. They ran the council for a decade and did nothing. Vince was part of that crew. They are still clueless both locally and nationally. I will vote for the only party that cares about this country Reform UK. The two main parties are both crap.

2024-01-06 16:48:09

Billy - Is ReformUK the party run by the bloke who lives in Longfield with the Union Jack hanging out of his bathroom window and the 'White Lives Matter' flag in his garden? - Is that ReformUK or Ukip or The Brexit Party?

2024-01-06 17:23:52

Mark, allow me to correct you. This town went down during the decade of incompetent Labour administration up to 2021. In the two and half years of Tory administration there have been many improvements: council tax reduction, most potholes fixed, new council housing being started, real plan for regeneration of the town centre, big changes and improvements on HTS. This compares with nothing done by the previous Labour administration under that imbecile, Mark Ingall. Let's not forget that Chris Vince was part of that useless administration and he now thinks he can be our MP! What a joke!

Luke Burton
2024-01-06 18:03:01

Totally agree with you, Adam.

2024-01-06 18:58:03

Alex - I like the patches of Wild Flowers and the Heritage Road Signs but I don’t see much else being done. You’ve knocked down some stuff by the Playhouse, but when it comes to knocking down stuff, the last administration was just as good - They knocked down Little Walk and much of Westgate - and I don’t think they could have left the finances in such a bad state if you were able to come straight in and fritter away our cash reserves on a run down Shopping Centre. And what is it with Council Houses? - This town has the 2nd highest proportion of Council Houses in the country and it isn’t the greatest place to live - What’s the obsession with building more of them on every green space? - That’s not Tory - That’s not aspirational - Plus, you can’t call the Labour bloke a joke when for the past 13 years we've had Bingo Tax Bob as an MP - He promoted the two fruit loops Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and look at the mess they’ve left us in!

2024-01-06 20:39:49

David, this administration has made improvements. HTS was a disaster and waste of money. I do get your point on Council houses. Harlow has a lot already as you say. Problem is we have too many people. Maybe we should stop all new house building whether social or private. We should protect our green spaces. We have hardly any land for house building. Our neighbouring districts have much more land to build on. Still this is straying off topic. I am not too happy with the Government, but Starmer's Labour is not a serious alternative. Starmer is like a yo-yo changing his mind daily.

2024-01-06 21:26:06

Let's never forget Chris Vince was part of the Labour Party that tried to get Corbyn elected, also part of the same Labour Party that that hounded out several experienced and respected local Councillors, be very careful what you vote for.

2024-01-07 10:17:47

God help Britain when the Unions, oops sorry I mean Labour get in power.

Tony Wiseman
2024-01-08 10:44:06

Whilst it is good to see how passionate Cllr Vince is about local housing I would remind him and his colleagues that for 12 of the years that Labour ran Harlow Council 9 flats in Potter Street stood empty and that in the 2 years that the Conservatives have run the council they have identified locations for, found the budget and started building 130+ homes for council tenants! This is a fact not an expression of political point scoring.

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