Harlow Labour candidate slams Tories over tax and details their plans for growth

General Election 2024 / Wed 10th Jan 2024 at 07:48am

ONCE again the government, aided by the current Conservative MP for the town, are treating the people of Harlow and villages like fools says Labour candidate at the next General Election, Chris Vince.

Mr Vince said: “This government has presided over the highest tax burden levied upon the people of this country since the second world war, simultaneously giving with one hand and taking considerably more from the other, with 25 tax rises since 2019. The Institute for fiscal studies predicts the average house hold will be £3500 worse off by the next General Election with the government’s ‘fiscal drag’ policy meaning tax thresholds don’t keep up with the cost of living.  For every £10 you have to pay extra to the government, they will generously give you £2 back. Let’s call this what it is, a slightly lower tax rise – it isn’t a tax cut

This is coupled with low growth and stagnant wages meaning that the hard-working people of our town are far from ‘better off’ under the Conservatives. Yet the current MP for Harlow thinks we should be grateful for this. 

Equally the boast that the Conservatives have halved inflation fails to recognise the fact that inflation is still considerably higher than it was before 2020 and during the majority of Labour’s time in government. In fact, it shows a lack of understanding of inflation altogether. Energy prices are still rising, and mortgage costs are soaring due to high interest rates.

The truth is that prices are still going up, forcing more and more families in Harlow into making really difficult choices for their families.  

To find out the real effect of the autumn statement on your tax visit  

Tory tax calculator 

Labour has a plan for growth, one which will mean that you genuinely be better off which includes: 

1. Providing certainty and stability not chaos and short-term fixes  

2. Seizing new opportunities not letting Britain fall behind in the global race  

3. Ensuring all parts of the country contribute not tolerating widening inequality  

4. Giving working people skills and opportunities not leaving potential untapped    

5. Building a resilient trading economy not a weak economy exposed to global shocks 

For small businesses we will scrap business rates and replace them with a fairer system and legislate to tackle late payments. 

However, if the Conservatives are so proud of their record perhaps, they could call a General Election and see how the electorate feel about their so called progress. 

Inflation and price indices – Office for National Statistics (ons.gov.uk) 

UK income tax: how fiscal drag leads to people falling into higher rates | Economics | The Guardian 

UK households face tax rise of £3,500 a year by next election, finds IFS | Tax and spending | The Guardian

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13 Comments for Harlow Labour candidate slams Tories over tax and details their plans for growth:

2024-01-10 08:03:07

If or when Labour get in , they will do exactly the same as the Tories are doing. The only difference is the puppet masters the Unions will be pulling the strings.

Ian Cooper
2024-01-10 08:32:43

The Conservative Government has halved inflation and cut National Insurance. Prices on the shelves are still falling and now anybody who pays NI contributions will be better off from this month. Jeremy Hunt has brought stability and is making sensible, long-term decisions.

Dorothy Drake
2024-01-10 09:45:51

Chris Vince as usual fails to notice or acknowledge that all countries suffered from COVID costs and the impact on energy prices and commodities as a consequence of Putin's war. It was not just the UK! In fact, countries with historically low inflation like Germany and Austria have fared worse than Britain. UK growth, according to the OECD, is forecast to outstrip Germany, France and several other G7 nations. As for his list of Labour plans, it is little more than empty waffle with no details. In future, Mr Vince might do better to consult with credible sources of economic data such as 'The Economist' rather than the 'Morning Star' or 'The Beano' before spouting his usual nonsense!

Guy Flegman
2024-01-10 11:39:28

I would suggest that they focus on getting people to vote. Voter apathy is the biggest threat to democracy. If you do not see someone on the ballot paper you can support then spoil your paper as spoilt papers are counted and this also sends a message, but above all please vote.

Kim Oconnor
2024-01-10 11:59:49

Dorothy Drake, as usual a lovely way with words, if indeed your real name. I'd like to say your lot aren't doing any better.

Malcolm Featherstone
2024-01-10 12:53:19

That's not a plan, that's a collection of vapid empty statements.

Dorothy Drake
2024-01-10 13:05:06

Kim O'Connor, you presume too much. "My lot..." What are you on about. I am not a member or fixed supporter of any political party. I certainly do not trust Labour. If anything, as things stand, I will support Reform UK, who seem to be only ones willing to defend this country.

2024-01-10 13:06:32

Ian it's clear you have no idea of how economics works. Prices aren't falling in the supermarkets, they are just going up at a slower rate. They never halved inflation, that was the Bank Of England. The government shot themselves in the foot causing the inflation by printing £400 billion during COVID then took themselves to the hospital and got stitched up and taken care of by the BOE but now the government is out of the hospital they are telling everyone "yeah we done it all ourselves, we stitched ourselves and put the bandages on and everything" when in reality they did little to nothing to contribute to the monetary policy and the decrease in inflation. As for the NI cut, it doesn't matter because the conservatives are just raising taxes in other areas such as Essex council tax so all those lovely gains you mentioned will be gone. All smoke and mirrors my friend, look past their rhetoric and you'll see they are nothing more than conmen.

David Forman
2024-01-10 14:45:37

It appears to me the Green party in Harlow have done a dirty deal with Labour for the general election. The Greens need to declare whether or not they are acting as an independent party or as a Labour cheerleader for the general election?

Kim Oconnor
2024-01-10 18:47:07

David formant, I don't quite understand where your comment come from, but I speak for my self, so let me reassure you, that I'm not conservative or Labour, there both as bad,as one an other.

2024-01-10 19:18:04

I have read all the comments , you all seem very intelligent people so surely you must realise there is no such thing as a free lunch. We were never going to be able to keep the £2500 a month the government gave us for sitting on our arses doing nothing for it . Its now payback time , so a rise in taxes was always coming. I realised that , surely you all did. Any party would have done the same.

2024-01-10 19:32:16

Eddie, some of us said at the time that lockdowns were insane and the costs and impacts where going to be enormous, and were castigated. I would rather we made every one who took furlough replay the money. It should have been a loan then people would not want to sit on their asses so long.

2024-01-11 08:43:40

Adam you want people to pay back the money they got to survive? You do understand that people didn't opt to be put on furlough? It does help to engage your brain before posting.

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