The government can’t handle the truth over NHS dentistry claims Labour candidate

General Election 2024 / Sun 14th Jan 2024 at 08:24am

SADLY the current Conservative MP can’t handle the tooth…and neither can his government claims Labour candidate, Chris Vince.

Mr Vince said: “This week the Conservative MP for Harlow wrote to this publication declaring his government’s NHS dentistry recovery plan, failing to recognise that his government has been in power for 14 years and that it is only in need of recovery because of his own government’s failure. 

What he also fails to mention is that he voted against a motion to support NHS dentistry on Tuesday. The text of which is below. This despite the fact that of the Harlow dental surgeries who provided a recent update in the East of England, 83% are not seeing new adult patients.   

The collapse of NHS dentistry has left millions of patients unable to get an appointment when they need one. Analysis of patient survey data suggests that last year, 4.75 million people were either told there were no appointments available or the practice wasn’t taking on new patients, when they last tried to book an appointment. Healthwatch England has reported horror stories of people forced to pull their own teeth out, with 1 in 10 Brits claiming to have attempted their own dental work. A recent report from the Nuffield Trust warned that, under the Tories, NHS dentistry “is at its most perilous point in its 75-year history,” and suggested that it may no longer be offered to all patients. The government has launched a pilot in Cornwall where NHS dentistry will only be offered to children and the most vulnerable. 

Chris Vince, Labour and Cooperative candidate for Harlow at the next general election said: 

“The Conservatives think that people in Harlow should be happy with the poor service we have today. Another five years of the Conservatives will see NHS dentistry gone for good. 

“Labour has a plan to rescue NHS dentistry from this crisis and get patients seen on time again. We will pay for it by abolishing the non-dom tax status, because people who live and work in Britain should pay their taxes here too.” 

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10 Comments for The government can’t handle the truth over NHS dentistry claims Labour candidate:

2024-01-14 10:24:20

The country simply can't keep growing the population at the current yearly rate without impacting on services #fact

gary roberts
2024-01-14 11:01:27

Pedro, did you know the birth rate in the UK is, in fact, falling? From your comment apparently not. And do you seriously believe that it is the cause of NHS dentistry being reduced in this country? If so I think you are misguided or indeed wrong.

2024-01-14 11:39:52

Gary,the birth rate may well be dropping however figures from the ONS showed that the UK population grew last year by almost half a million, furthermore wasn't it Labour under the leadership of Blair who revised NHS Dentists contract which have led to the current situation.

2024-01-14 14:02:06

Sorry Gary Roberts but Pedro is correct. Adding to the situation just as with lack of Hospital treatment, we have become victims of our own success by having more generations of elderly people than before purely because they have had better health care and lived longer. Everything has a knock on effect no matter what government is in power.

2024-01-14 16:08:20

Thing is Pedro, we’ve always needed to import Healthcare workers - Before Brexit, young single doctors, dentists and nurses would come over to treat our ill and elderly and contribute to the economy without taking much out. Now were having to trawl the poor countries of the World for our healthcare workers, and these true economic migrants don’t tend to come alone - Its Global Britain

2024-01-14 16:17:12

Aunty's Boo. I sincerely apologise to you for still being alive at my age of 70, and also being lucky enough being a patient at a dental health practice which just recently cost me £95 for treatment which I could hardly afford. Perhaps the problem may have something to do with the amount of migration into this country , which Tony Blair opened the borders to.

I remember the NHS
2024-01-14 19:19:15

Well he's not wrong, is he? 14 years of Tory government under a bunch of PM's and ministers who'd have even Maggie spinning in her grave have not only destroyed the NHS in the nene of cronyism and associated profits, they've pretty much economically sunk once Great Britain too.

Reply to Eddie
2024-01-14 19:25:46

No.....it's nothing to do with Blair, it's everything to do with Tory money grubbers who have to see their mates make a profit from everything. We're a G7 nation and could easily afford free at the point of treatment dentistry but no.... we're run by a government who put lining the pockets of their donators first.

James Gamble
2024-01-15 09:46:47

As a pensioner I remember the days when you could go to the doctors and get an appointment within an hour. The ratio of doctors per capita was 0.87 per 1000. Today you are required either wait on the phone for up to one hour or navigate a complicated website just to be told all appointments are filled please try again tomorrow. When you do manage to get an appointment you end up seeing a triage paramedic or nurse. The doctors to capita today is 3.6 per 1000 four times that of the 1960s. My surgery has 20,560 patients and only around 11 doctors who it seems are no longer seeing patients as I see it. It is impossible for me to see my appointed GP, this has only been the case since the Tories took Government. Hopefully a Labour Government will reverse this, say what you like of Blair and I am definitely not a fan he reduced waiting lists and improved services in the NHS.. along with Schools the things that really matter.

Harlow Dentist
2024-01-15 15:34:10

Mr Vince may like to reflect on the fact that is was Labour, under Patricia Hewitt as Health Secretary who introduced the catastrophic UDA system which has effectively destroyed the NHS dental service. I say this after 34 years in NHS practice in Harlow. No politician can be trusted with dentistry unless they see it as a direct vote winner. Very sad.

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