Potter Street and Church Langley allotments need your support

Communities / Mon 15th Jan 2024 at 05:42pm

WE HAVE been following the progress of the Potter Street and Church Langley Community Garden as it grows and grows.

Colin Thorpe and his team identified a plot; started a community interest organisation (CIO); signed a lease with Harlow Council and they are now good to go, with a lot of local interest.

They just need a little bit of green wedge to help their little bit of green wedge.

So they have started a GoFundMe page as part of a host of fundraising activities over the coming year.

Colin Thorpe said: ” represent a registered charity the Potter Street Health and Wellbeing and I’m hoping to raise funds for a Community Garden located in Harlow.

We have recently taken over a derelict allotment site with the object of bringing it back into the Community.

A Community Garden serves many purposes: reduces isolation, promotes healthy living, provides organic vegetables, reduces the cost of living, provides exercise, and improves mental health”.

If you can help, please click below.

Anyone who knows Colin and his team, will know that they will carefully and organically (in more ways than one) build the garden as part of a number of community projects around Potter Street.

Click bellow for more details.


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2 Comments for Potter Street and Church Langley allotments need your support:

2024-01-16 07:41:37

YH reported recently that £250,000 donated to Carly Burd's allotment hadn't been spent. If that is still the case, perhaps some of it could go to this Potter Street project.

2024-01-17 23:03:01

What is the money for specifically? Labour? Equipment? What equipment exactly? I'd like to know more detail before donating.

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