Harlow households face 5.55 per cent increase on police precept bill

Crime / Fri 26th Jan 2024 at 07:05am

HOUSEHOLDS can expect to see the average amount of council tax they pay for the police service in Essex increase by almost £13 reports the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

Roger Hirst, Essex’s police, fire and crime commissioner, wants to increase the police precept by 5.55 percent – equivalent to an increase of £12.96 a year, from £233.46 to £246.42 for a Band D property.

This will raise an additional £8.695 million of council tax receipt – bringing the total amount, including grants, available to Mr Hirst for policing from £372.7m in 2023/24 in to £407.5m in 2024/25.

Mr Hirst also wants to increase the fire precept by 2.91 per cent – equivalent to an increase of £2.34 a year. That will raise that charge from £80.28 to £82.62 for a Band D property. This will bring in an additional £1.5m of council tax receipts.

Mr Hirst said the extra police precept will be spent on maintaining Essex Police’s strength and size which is now stands at 3,755 police officers – an increase of over 900 police officers since May 2016.

It will also enhance the capacity and capability of the force by investing in the 40 percent of officers with less than five years’ experience to allow them to be out and visible in Essex communities.

Mr Hirst also wants money to better support victims of crime and extra investment in community safety and investment in the serious violence unit and Op Raptor Teams to target drug gangs.

He also wants to strengthen the electric infrastructure to prepare for the conversion to electric vehicles.

He said in his papers to the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Panel, set to discuss the plans on February 1 that the force has so far been able to reduce overall crime.

Essex’s police commissioner has earlier though admitted it is “nowhere near where it needs to be” in tackling rape crime. Essex Police recorded the highest number of rape offences and the second worst rate of solving those incidents among its group made up of the eight most similar forces

He said: “With this extra strength the force, working with partners, has been able to get crime down across Essex with a 6.4 percent reduction in the 12 months to November 2023.

“Within this reduction in overall crime is a reduction in domestic abuse (16.5 percent), violent crime (9.6 percent reduction in violence with injury), violence against women and girls (14.3 percent decrease in violence against the person offences committed against females) and anti-social behaviour (38.4 percent reduction).

“However, it is clear from my public engagements, our independent public survey, the recent precept survey, and feedback from partners across Essex that the public want to see further reductions in crime.

“They also want to see investment in tackling gang and drug related violence combating serious and organised crime, improved local neighbourhood policing to target burglary and vehicle theft, bringing down anti-social behaviour, reducing violence against women and girls and break the cycle of domestic abuse.”

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7 Comments for Harlow households face 5.55 per cent increase on police precept bill:

2024-01-26 08:12:11

We have one of the highest cancil tax in the uk ,and one of the most dangerous area to live, dont think money is the issue in hire but maybe police efficiency ?

Tony Edwards
2024-01-26 09:49:19

The reason the precept is going up is that approx a decade ago the Conservative Government significantly cut the amount it provides to the Police. This resulted in the loss of hundreds of officers and staff. Then approx three years ago, the government had a change of plan and said that the Police would be able get there numbers back up to the figure for the year 2010. What they didn’t say was that they would pay for them. So we had a situation where crime inEssex was increasing, the Police hadn’t got the numbers to Police effectively. And the only way to get the money to pay for the replacement officers was through increases in the Police Precept. The Government now says the Police levels are the highest they’ve ever been. But they fail to recognise the damage they caused by cutting staff in the first place and that the burden for funding the Police has significantly shifted from central government taxation to local taxation.

2024-01-26 10:59:41

It would be nice for a bill to go down for once lol.

2024-01-26 13:45:03

£1 a month isn't a lot extra to pay to maintain an efficient police force. However I would like to see clear up rates improve

Crazyhorse 74
2024-01-26 17:20:43

Is there still a police station in harlow??

2024-01-26 18:29:07

Vote for me £1 a month £1 a month there it soon adds up especially for those on limited incomes. I would rather we looked at the massive waste which exists in the public sector before taxes increased. Having seen just how much governments can waste it is amazing

2024-01-27 19:06:48

Get rid of the PCCs and all the staffing involved in their role and pass control of the police to Chief Inspectors that will save a small fortune

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