On the border: Gilston set to get its own community forum

Communities / Sun 4th Feb 2024 at 10:12am

ACTING on its commitment to be a listening council, East Herts Council is setting up Community Forums which will bring together residents, planners, local councillors and developers to discuss and share information about housing developments planned for East Herts.

The meetings will also give residents the opportunity to share information on community projects and to highlight other issues of concern to their local communities.

The first Gilston area Community Forum will take place from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on Tuesday, 27 February at Gilston and Eastwick Village Hall.

Further meetings will then be held approximately every two months. Plans for alternative Community Forums for other strategic developments within the district, such as Stortford Fields, Hert3 and Ware2, are also in the process of being arranged.

Councillor Vicky Glover-Ward, East Herts Executive Member for Planning and Growth, said: “We know that planning is a major area of interest and concern for the residents of East Herts. That is why improving how we communicate and share information around development is a key priority for our joint administration.

We want people and communities to actively engage in shaping the places where they live, work and play. Effective community engagement is key to this.”

Residents interested in attending the meetings are welcome to come along on an ad hoc basis.

Alternatively, they can register in advance via the council’s website in order to receive advance notification of topics to be covered and notes of action points agreed.

For more information on Community Forums and the dates already set, residents should visit East Herts Council’s website:
Community Forums | East Herts District Council

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9 Comments for On the border: Gilston set to get its own community forum:

Kim Oconnor
2024-02-04 11:02:22

A listening council, don't make me laugh. You all ready know that theses monstrosity are not welcome on our Harlow s boarders.. 7,000 signatures against, in Harlow alone. Protest s. Villages, green party, alliance party, group s, stop Harlow North. And counting. You have not listened, you have not listened.. you will go a head any way.. The problem s with your plans is, that theses developer's are running ruff shot over you all, they will build houses first , and tell you infrastructure second.. This is a big problem because the infrastructure will not be done.. because you councils don't set anything in stone, and when this happens you will all cry wolf... I think most people know you will do what you want despite objections... But an awful lot of people have been against this destruction from the beginning.. so what's going to be so different with all theses meetings..??

Kim Oconnor
2024-02-04 11:07:37

😄😆A listening council, don't make me laugh. You have not listened to public opinions since the beginning of this.

Ann Best
2024-02-04 12:10:02

The trouble with all this is that the infrastructure isn’t coping now, so how is it going to cope when all these houses are constructed. The A414 is a death trap for the people who live in Eastwick, we have to take our lives in our hands just to get out of the village some days. What happened to the speed restrictions and the so called traffic lights that were supposed to be erected at the village entrance on the A414, how many more people have to be killed or injured or have near misses, they use the A414 like a race track. What about the hospital coping with more patients, they are under pressure already, without anymore people coming to live in the vicinity of Harlow. When will the councillors see that what they are authorising is all wrong and no one is using any common sense, all they see is pounds, shillings and pence to put in the councils coffers.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-02-04 14:40:10

Bearing in mind that since 2017 we have all apparently been living in the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town, when can we expect Harlow Council to set up community forums to discuss how the plans to build tens of thousands of homes in and around Harlow will affect those of us who already live here? The fact is the developments at Latton Priory and at Gilston/Eastwick will only affect directly a handful of residents living in the Epping Forest and East Herts Districts, but tens of thousands of us living in Harlow. Our Conservative led Council have turned out to be just as bad as the bad old Labour administration, they do not want to hear what residents have to say simply because they will ignore public opinion anyway. The only way things will change is if enough people come out to vote for change in May by voting for any alternative to the Tories or Labour. Nicholas Taylor, Leader of Harlow Alliance.

2024-02-04 17:12:47

Nicholas, there are more than a handful of people in Eastwick, Gilston, High Wych and Hunsden and the effect of this development is going to be quite profound for them. Those communities are going to be subsumed into Harlow. The residents of East Herts and Epping Forest aren’t our foes. Any engagement must be a help. Also, I’ve had a quick look at your party website and I can see that if elected, you would aim to hold any administration to account, but I don’t get a feel for how you’d vote on issues beyond development. Are you kind of UKIPish or more Labour? - If Reform UK were the biggest party in Harlow after the next, would you join with other parties to stop them forming an administration?

Nicholas Taylor
2024-02-04 18:02:01

David. Well lets not forget that the Hunsdon, Eastwick and Gilston Neighbourhood Plan Group have had the opportunity to comment on the plans of East Herts Council for a number of years which may be why there are no new roads leading from the development to Hunsdon or the North and the building of a new river crossing might reduce the number of cars travelling through High Wych. To the south of Harlow there are only a few homes which will be affected, indeed a new road from Rye Hill Road will take traffic away from homes in the EFDC area. These new communities will not of course be subsumed in to Harlow if only because the new residents will be paying Council Tax and receiving services from the other councils involved in HGGT, they will not have a Harlow address and in the Gilston case, the nearest home will be half a mile from the nearest one in Harlow. HAP is an alliance of residents who have come together from various political backgrounds or none and we would not describe ourselves as left or right. We are happy to acknowledge that both main parties sometimes get things right but not on other occasions. What both have failed to do time and time again is to seek and listen to public opinion, taking the we know best attitude and Councillors failing to remember that they are supposed to represent the electorate. HAP members have been scrutinising the council by asking dozens of questions of councillors about issues/policy and performance and will continue to do so if elected.

2024-02-04 19:02:44

I thought it was Harlow Council's ambition to play a key role in governance of the Gilston garden villages. Would a 'Greater Harlow' land grab be better for all?

2024-02-04 20:10:58

Any road or tranvel/transport links will be an afterthought and poorly carried out, if they happen at all. Schools, dr’s, dentist, local shopping etc either won’t happen or be badly carried out. There’ll be no new hospital that’s been promised for long enough now. The current PAH hospital is already overrun. The builders will throw up badly built houses and flats. Some chinless shysters in local council will take their brown envelopes. The rest of us will sit in more traffic while not getting a dr appointment when it’s needed.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-02-05 08:57:29

David, we have always said that at the outset the boundaries of Harlow should have been extended so that decisions about the future of the Green Belt around Harlow are decided in the Civic Offices in Harlow and not in Epping and Hertford. Councillors in Harlow have already acknowledged that at best they can only hope to influence what is going to be built around the town. Both EFDC and EHD would not agree with any boundary changes of course because of the financial benefits they will enjoy, whilst allowing thousands of homes to be built as far away from their major towns, to the detriment of Harlow. The group I referred to have been strung along, they now realise that the number of affordable homes proposed will not now be built and there are clearly issues about putting in infrastructure before homes are built.

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