Harlow Labour candidate questions movement of new health facilities to St Albans

General Election 2024 / Wed 14th Feb 2024 at 08:00am

THE parliamentary candidate for Harlow at the next General Election has questioned the news that Harlow patients are being give new health facilities 25 miles away.

Chris Vince said: “Although we welcome any new health care facility the question has to be asked about how this will directly benefit residents of Harlow being as St Albans City Hospital is 25 miles and 45 minutes by car (negating road works) away from our town.  If patients are expected to be ‘dropped off’ then this is a 3 hour round trip for the person dropping them off if they intend to return home!

It also calls into question, once again, the future of our own hospital, five years on from the promise of our current Conservative MP that we would be getting a new hospital for Harlow (albeit one we will have to share).  

Sadly this is another example of sticking a plaster over a much bigger issue in terms of the long term future of our NHS caused by 14 years of Conservative incompetence

  • NHS waiting list now at almost 8 million.
  • 500,000 cancer patients seen after the two week target.
  • 43% of patients waited more than four hours in A and E compared with 5% of patients under the last Labour government.
  • Tooth decay is the biggest cause of hospital visits for 6-10 year olds.
  • Slowed increase in life expectancy after decades of steady improvement.
  • 4,000 GPs cut and closing nearly 1,800 GP practices.
  • Harlow patients being forced to wait 13 hours in A and E

Whereas Labour has a real and sustainable plan for our NHS which will mean

Faster NHS treatment delivering two million more appointments a year by paying NHS staff more to work evenings and weekends.

Fewer cancer deaths by improving early diagnosis for cancer by doubling the number of NHS scanners.

700,00 more urgent dentist appointments.

Fast access to mental health services by recruiting 8,500 new NHS mental health staff.

Return of the family doctor by cutting red tape so that patients can see the same GP each appointment if they choose to.

I would like to put on record the hard work of all the NHS staff who continue to serve our town and our residents during difficult times.

For more on Labour’s plans to save our NHS:

Get the NHS back on its feet – The Labour Party

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8 Comments for Harlow Labour candidate questions movement of new health facilities to St Albans:

gary roberts
2024-02-14 08:28:28

Cllr. Vince we already know about the disgusting betrayal of the NHS by the Conservatives. What I want to know is how if a Labour party is elected to office how the current situation will change. Warm words will not do it and with Mr. Starmer binning all of his most radical social policies why shouldn't the electorate keep the status quo. You may have read that the 1945 government changed society for the better in just six years with very little money but ever since radical change has never been achieved. Why not? With a supposed large poll lead and with the Conservatives eating themselves alive, please have the balls to state something that will help the lives of the Harlow electorate recover from 14 years of destitution, food, health and energy poverty.

2024-02-14 08:37:53

Why is the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow always outside The Greyhound pub? Ah, it's all beginning to make sense now.

2024-02-14 09:10:12

Yes this is a bad idea, but lets not forget the waiting list is 8 million as his party supported the conservatives with their reaction to the cold which was covid. Cancer patients miss their targets for the same reason and the similar with GPs and waiting times at A&E. Ultimately he has no right to complain (nor does anyone who supported the insanity or failed to question it) as he is as complicit as Halfon in the crimes of government in covid. Actually the labour lunatics wanted longer and harder lockdowns. While the NHS staff are just lazy and wanted to perfect their dance routine be lauded as hero's while the hospitals were empty and people died at home.

2024-02-14 09:31:30

LABOUR shadow health secretary Wes Streeting has said he would “hold the door wide open” to the NHS for the private sector if his party was to win the general election. He also said he would "get tough" on The NHS to work with the private sector to improve the service, Remember most of the current problems with the NHS can be traced back to Labour, PFI contracts that are taking ridiculous fees, Doctors Contracts that have led to the issues getting appointments,Same with Dentists, The NHS clearly doesn't have a lack of funding, what it does have is a huge issue as to how it spends it's money.

2024-02-14 17:25:47

Mr Vince, all your promises are fantastic news . Tell me when are you going to copy your great leader and U turn on them.

2024-02-14 20:14:14

Why have 6 - 10 year olds got rotting teeth ? You can't blame that on the NHS.

2024-02-15 15:33:35

No your right Resident . Its the parents that need to be blamed

John Duggan
2024-02-16 09:27:43

Chris Vince's biggest concern is probably that he doesn't know where St Albans is! He certainly doesn't know his a....e from his elbow!

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