Travel Alert: Gilden Way lights in Old Harlow are out (again)

News / Thu 14th Mar 2024 at 01:49pm

1600 hrs: Traffic lights restored

YH understands that the traffic lights the Gilden Way junctions are out again.

The Gilden Way junction is in Old Harlow at the junction with Sheering Road and Gilden Park.

There have been a number of problems over the past few weeks and despite apparent pledges that they would be fixed, they are once again all dark.

Old Harlow councillor, Joel Charles has been in contact with Essex Highways.

More follows.

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9 Comments for Travel Alert: Gilden Way lights in Old Harlow are out (again):

Chris Green
2024-03-14 14:55:54

This is beyond belief! A major junction that is once again an extremely dangerous situation caused by light failure. This is a most serious situation that drivers have no choice but to take risks to get through these multi direction light. Get your act together before someone dies

2024-03-14 15:11:38


2024-03-14 16:17:58

Perhaps the police can act as they would for a major hazard and might use cones to block direct path and effectively make the junction into a conventional roundabout?

2024-03-14 20:19:22

In our hi tech age how is it possible that something as, apparently, simple as traffic lights keep failing.

2024-03-14 20:24:23

I know that there are good Conservative Councillors that didn't want the whole fiasco of "Harlow East/Junction 7A.... I do feel pity...

2024-03-14 21:40:55

It’s bad enough that some drivers think that the road is an extension of the M11! I pick my grandson up from Sheering and drive back to Old Harlow. Cars are passing me at 60miles an hour, weaving in and out. There will be a fatality sooner rather later. The traffic lights help to slow the traffic down, so it’s dreadful if the lights are out of order. Not acceptable!

2024-03-15 05:29:49

Please, please, please prepare a contingency plan for roundabouts like these. It cannot be too difficult to close off the centre and convert it to a normal roundabout at times of trouble. If roadworks were tking place you can and do close off lanes quickly. The interesting thing is that the traffic geneally flows better when the lights are out.

Kim Oconnor
2024-03-15 09:36:38

Needs to be a roundabout here, very disorienting this spot is.

2024-03-15 19:27:14

Why didn't they just have it as a roundabout with no traffic lights , and just have pedestrian lights.

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