Neighbour calls 999 after cooking catches alight

News / Sat 23rd Mar 2024 at 06:51am

FIRE Crews had to force their way into an empty house last night after the resident left cooking on the hob and went out. 

Essex Firefighters were called to the end of terrace property in Bushey Croft, Harlow at 8.18pm (March 17th) after a neighbour heard the smoke alarm going off, and after realising they could see smoke, called 999.

When firefighters arrived they reported the house was completely smoke logged and there were pans on the hob that had caught alight.

Crews worked quickly to dispose of the pans, disconnect the gas supply and ventilate the whole property. 

Watch Manager Brenden Cardy, Harlow Fire Station, said:

“This incident shows how vital it is to have smoke alarms. Smoke alarms give everyone nearby warning of the first signs of fire. If you ever hear a neighbour’s smoke alarm going off don’t ignore it. 

“It goes without saying, you should never leave cooking on while you go out. Thankfully because of the quick work of our crews the house was only left with smoke damage, but this could have quickly become a much more serious incident if it wasn’t for the neighbour hearing the alarm and calling 999. It’s simply not worth taking the risk.”

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