Kiddi Caru praised by Ofsted and rated “Good” following inspection

Education / Mon 25th Mar 2024 at 08:00am

THE new nursery manager at Kiddi Caru Day Nursery & Preschool in Harlow, part of Grandir UK, has helped raised their ‘Inadequate’ Ofsted rating to ‘Good’ in their latest inspection. 

The nursery achieved ‘Good’ across all areas of inspection including Quality of Education, Behaviour & Attitudes, Personal Development, and Leadership & Management. 

The nursery and preschool are located near the Tesco Superstore and next door to The Henry Moore Primary School and is known for its sensory cabin, open garden space and well-resourced playrooms.  

The report commented that ‘leaders and managers have swiftly addressed the actions raised at the last inspection.’ Together with the new Nursery Manager, the team worked hard to improve the learning environment, which is now more welcoming and encourages children to explore and develop their curiosity. 

‘Communication with parents is strong’ states the inspection report. The nursery provides resources that parents can take home to help them build on their children’s learning. Families share their creations with the nursery team, so that the nursery is kept informed of the children’s progress. 

The inspector noted that ‘children enjoy exploring and follow their own interests’. The nursery team recognises children’s curiosity and builds on this. For example, when children are excited by puddles outdoors, the team then suggest that they go and explore in the water tray to develop this interest further.

Gosia Krakowiak, the new Nursery Manager at Kiddi Caru Day Nursery & Preschool in Harlow, comments ‘It feels really rewarding to achieve Ofsted ‘Good’ within our nursery and preschool setting. We had a rocky start, but the team, Early Years Specialist Sharon and I have worked hard to show the care and education we are able to provide here. We are very lucky to be surrounded by wonderful, supportive families. We will continue providing a great service where the children thrive and explore their creativity.’

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