Food price fears as Brexit import charges revealed

News / Thu 4th Apr 2024 at 10:16am

THE government has revealed how much companies will have to pay to import foods from the EU due to Brexit reports the BBC.

Small imports of products such as fish, salami, sausage, cheese and yoghurt will be subject to fees of up to £145 from 30 April, according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

The Cold Chain Federation said the new charges would hit food prices.

The government said the fees would pay for “world-class border facilities”.

The fee, known as the “common user charge”, will apply to animal products, plants and plant products entering the UK from the EU through the Port of Dover and the Eurotunnel at Folkestone.

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5 Comments for Food price fears as Brexit import charges revealed:

2024-04-04 10:37:56

This can't be true, our MP says the govt is cutting costs. But, do we really need to import cheese etc.

John Davis
2024-04-04 11:19:53

Unfortunate, but will it matter. After all, a third of food price rises are already accounted for by leaving the EU - new red tape, supply chain problems, loss of workers - all that stuff we were told wouldn't happen. So we're all used to price hikes by now. Plenty of food banks around, we're the food bank capital of Europe. Grown fantastically since 2016 - we were promised a post-Brexit boost to business and there it is. Anyway, nobody will starve, they might just have to queue a lot. I hear that we've had to hire 100,000 more civil servants (what folk called 'unelected EU bureaucrats' when we were in the EU) at a cost of £3-4 billion a year just to cover the things we used to pay the EU for, so they need to find extra cash for that lot. Big Leave voting area here so nobody will mind higher bills.

2024-04-04 12:20:53

Let's hope that the phrases 'world-class' and 'world-beating' die when this government expires.

2024-04-05 08:22:27

Start a campaign to buy British then. I do when I'm in the supermarket. Have a look at what you're buying and see where it's produced. Look for British produce. Support our own people.

2024-04-05 13:59:02

Cost of living crisis is so false.....just people having to pay for the ones that don't ever pay or won't pay for anything.....

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