Harlow Reverend Jokey looking for kind soul to sponsor van

Charity / Sat 20th Apr 2024 at 02:12pm

A HARLOW Reverend is looking for a kind person to sponsor a van she uses to transport furniture across the town.

Rev Jokey Poyntz is the vicar at St Mary’s Church, Little Parndon. She also runs the Harlow Holidays Lunch Club (HHLC). The Harlow Foodbank campaigns manager sent out a message on behalf of Rev Jokey.

Rev Poyntz said: “Some of you know that it has been increasingly difficult lately to find volunteers and drivers to help to pick up and deliver donated furniture when it is offered. The situation has now been compounded by the fact that our faithful old minibus….is now beyond saving so we are currently without an easily accessible van.

Unless we can find a solution to either of these issues then I think we will have to call a halt to the scheme which would be very sad but may be inevitable… 

“There is currently a large van in my driveway belonging to a local church member which I am storing off road because they cannot afford to tax and insure it. One solution might be for someone to sponsor it but I don’t have any more time than I already give (which is already a lot!) to do anything to raise money”.

We understand they are looking for £1500.

Harlow Holidays Lunch Cub recently received a cash boost of £3,800 from the Carly Burd GoFund Me page. The Michael Robert Charitable Trust (MRCT) which oversees the Foodbank also received £15,000 from the same fund but they may not be able to divert these funds as said funds were given for the food poverty relief.

If you can help, contact: [email protected]

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1 Comment for Harlow Reverend Jokey looking for kind soul to sponsor van:

Jokey Poyntz
2024-04-25 15:35:46

Thank you so much for this - it was a bit of a surprise as I only circulated it to agencies/charities or I might have worded it differently! Especially to make it clearer that the main need is for volunteers - because a van without a driver or anyone to carry things is of limited use! But I have been delighted to have one offer of some funds (thank you Craig!) but an even more amazing offer from Dean from Woodstock Streetlighting Services Limited in the Pinnacles who has already leapt into action moving items for us - this is quite literally a Godsend! So I am very grateful indeed! I would also like to thank Carly (A Meal on Me with Love) for thinking of us and to confirm that those funds will be used to carry on providing nutritious home cooked hot meals to vulnerable families in Harlow at Harlow Holiday Lunch Clubs run by the churches in school holidays.

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