Ward by ward: Bush Fair: Will former Harlow Council leader make a dramatic return?

Elections / Mon 29th Apr 2024 at 10:50am

THIS is a ward that has a whole host of interesting candidates. Shame it’s not a parish council all on its own!

It has changed colour over the years. Twenty years ago, all three seats were Lib Dem. We would regularly see their mobile surgeries dotted around the ward.

There is still a Lib Dem candidate in William Tennison. If you saw his performance, he was very impressive and will no doubt go a long way, whatever he decides to do.

But this may well be about Labour re-establishing themselves and holding all three seats.

Former council leader, Mark Ingall makes a bid to return. He lost in 2021 and we thought that was the last of Mark. However, he has re-energised and it looks like he is ready to make his mark once more.

On this occasion, we interviewed Jodi Dunne. Jodi is out most weekends in the town and has become something of a political weather vane. He was also deeply involved in the campaign to save the bus serve that cuts right through the ward.

On the blue side, it is good to see Nidi Hindocha stand. The Conservatives seen to be nurturing a promising number of female candidates.

Win or lose, they will want to keep Colleen Morrison on for the amount of vital research that she does.

The Greens also have an impressive three candidates. That cannot have been easy. Success may once again be polling over 100 votes but we shall see.

Jennifer Steadman in particular has performed a vital role over the last few years in highlighting a number of vital issues around the town.

When Dan Long was a UKIP councillor between 2014 and 2018, he was always on the phone to YH with ward matters. Potholes in Longfield, anti-social behaviour in Nicholls Field to name just a few. He still performs that function.

YH Prediction: Labour x 3

Bush Fair

Jodi Dunne (Labour)

Kay Morrison (Labour)

Mark Ingall (Labour)


Nidhi Hindocha (Conservative)

Colleen Morrison (Conservative)

Brian Kasule (Conservative)


Dan Long (UKIP)


Hannah Bolton (Green)

Dave Margetts (Green)

Jennifer Steadman (Green)


William Tennison (Liberal Democrat)

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7 Comments for Ward by ward: Bush Fair: Will former Harlow Council leader make a dramatic return?:

Dan Long
2024-04-29 18:12:00

If you want to be listened to and want your concerns and matters looked into and taken further to be sorted out vote for me and I will do exactly this unlike the main three party candidates, who are more likely to say,yeah I will sort this out for you and then it is all swept under the carpet and forgotten about but they will all take the credit for others hard work, three years on. Mine and UKIP Harlow's number one priority is the people of Harlow and not our pockets or ourselves,unlike the main three parties candidates and current councillors. Harlow homes for Harlow residents and I have been saying this long before I became a local councillor back in 2014 and long before the Current leader of Harlow council,Dan Swords was even around as a local councillor.

Mark Gough
2024-04-29 19:44:45

Dan is a Colleague I have been proud of since the minute I met him. He loves Harlow, and his own Community in Bush Fair. He doesn't need a title to help people, or highlight issues - it's just who he is! But if you want someone in Bush Fair who will genuinely fight your corner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - then I highly recommend you give one of your three votes to Dan - cos you won't regret it!!! Mark Gough -Leader Harlow UKIP.

2024-04-30 13:05:20

What did Dan actually achieve last time he was elected? Looking at his previous interviews... not much at all. I'll be interested in hearing all the wonderful success stories he has for 4 years in power?...

Jennifer Steadman
2024-04-30 17:06:37

Thank you Michael for acknowledging the work I continue to do in Bush Fair. I regularly visit the ward noting & reporting issues as I find them. As I have previously stated in YH interviews- the ONLY promise I will make to the people of Bush Fair is that I will work hard for them. I care deeply about Bush Fair & have many low cost & free ideas to boost community pride back into the ward. I'm also standing as the SE Harlow Essex County Councillor & make no empty promises about this role either. Bush Fair needs some fresh blood, someone with passion, drive, enthusiasm & the time to make the difference the ward needs & as a ward councillor & ECC councillor- I have that drive, that passion. A vote for me will not be a wasted vote!! I look forward to serving the residents of Bush Fair as your Green Party ward Councillor & the residents of Harlow as your Green Party ECC Councillor. Thank you.

2024-04-30 17:18:21

Jennifer Steadman is very deserving of your vote. She is a true Harlow girl and a community champion. Good luck Jennifer!

Allan Michealson
2024-05-01 07:21:59

Jennifer Steadman has got to be an improvement on Jodi Dunne, who says nothing in the Council and Mark Ingall, who was leader of the last Labour administration when it was named 'The worst council in Essex' during the COVID pandemic. Who would want him back? The Labour candidates are a joke.

2024-05-01 16:37:49

I didn't think I would get a responce from UKIP as they have nothing they can say. They achieved absolutely nothing when last elected in Harlow. At the hustings they said nothing of value. The guy basically winged it through babbling nonsense and mentioned not 1 thing they will actually do. They can't even decide what party they are. Just a few weeks ago they were under the reform party.

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