Interview with Bernard Field: How he restored St John’s Cottages

Communities / Wed 22nd May 2024 at 08:37am

HERE at Your Harlow, we like to celebrate the work of individuals who have made this town.

That has been shown in our 2017 and 2022 projects, Why They Came Here.

Bush Fair resident, Bernard Field was instrumental in preserving a group of buildings called St John’s Cottages.

They sit off Market Street on the approach to St John’s Arc in Old Harlow.

Bernard, now 93, tells us how he came to Harlow in 1958. He was employed as a metallurgist in Johnson Matthey.

We found Bernard inspirational. A man of many talents and interests. A man who gets up every day and sees what opportunities there are.

Thank you to his granddaughter Danielle for arranging the interview.

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3 Comments for Interview with Bernard Field: How he restored St John’s Cottages:

2024-05-22 16:11:19

Very nice chap and interesting to hear. Some of the things he says is at odds with the Newfoundland Memorial Uni website on the history of the building (now known as Cabot House), I suggest they watch this or talk to this gentleman who fixed the building that they now own!

2024-05-22 20:18:46

I recall Bernard working at Johnson Matthey as the Manager of the Met Labs. I worked in the foundry office and regularly sent over samples for Embrittlement testing.I met my wife at JM as she was the chef in the directors dinning room and cooked Bernard and other managers with their Lunch time meals

2024-05-23 20:23:13

David, Bernard is my grandad, he’d love to meet and chat with someone from JM. Do you have an email address he could contact you on?

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