General Election 2024: Labour candidate looks back on first week of campaigning

Elections / Wed 29th May 2024 at 09:14am

IT is now a week since the Prime Minister called a General Election for the 4th of July.

Labour’s candidate for Harlow has given us a review of what he has been doing in the past week.

Chris Vince said: I’ve been out with the Harlow Labour team every day across the constituency meeting and listening to residents. What we are hearing is that people have had enough of this failed Tory government and are desperate for change.

As Councillor for Little Parndon and Town Centre ward I was keen to launch our campaign in my ward, listening to residents in The Hornbeams. Then on Thursday we headed out to the newly named Passmores Ward.

On Friday we moved our campaign on to Great Parndon and again had some really positive conversations on the doors.

On Saturday we were out on the doorstep in Lower Nazeing, Great Parndon and Roydon listening to residents and communicating Labour’s plan for change.

I also took a trip to Bully’s Ten’s rugby tournament in memory of the late great Chris Ball and raising money for the RNLI held at Harlow Rugby club, a trip to the fun day at Harlow Town Cricket Club along with Cllr James Griggs. Sadly I couldn’t play this year due to campaigning commitments but I hope to get my rugby boots back on next year!

On Sunday, as well as being back out on the doors in Great Parndon, Cllr Griggs and I visited Harlow Town Cricket club for their annual fun day and enjoyed chatting to a number of stall holders. From there we joined Cllr Jodie Dunne and dropped in to Rock the Park, celebrating the many wonderful musicians that Harlow has to offer including the young talented musicians of Rock School. Well done to everyone, particularly Sue, Danny and their team, as well as all the performers.

On Monday we headed over to Churchgate Street with activists from Redbridge Labour Party coming to help out.

We also spent some time listening to residents in Church Langley who are hugely disappointed with the Conservative’s record tackling crime and anti social behaviour and were interested that this was one of Keir Starmer’s ‘first steps’ of a Labour government.

Along with a number of Labour Councillors, including Cllr Kay Morrison, I visited the wonderful Potter Street Fete too.

For me, all of these events highlight the huge community spirit that our town has to offer and reminds me of why I want to represent you as your MP in parliament.

This week we are back out on the doors listening to residents and sharing Labour’s message of a better future, in Lower Sheering and Sheering.

“I look forward to speaking to as many residents of our wonderful community over the coming weeks to talk about Labour’s plan for renewal and show why I am the right choice to take over from Robert Halfon and be your voice”.

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13 Comments for General Election 2024: Labour candidate looks back on first week of campaigning:

2024-05-29 09:29:25

We have to judge you not by what you say but what you did when leader of Labour. You presented no alternative budget nor plans for the towns redevelopment. I am curious to know who the cons are standing as I might have to vote for them due to your ideological crusade against private schools and people lifting themselves up. As we all know are the only good schools as state schools are appalling especially in Harlow.

2024-05-29 09:35:38

Instead of the big stuff outside of his remit, Does he have plans to repair many roads in Harlow, understand and have a plan to improve traffic flow across the Town as these are causing horrendous issues and additional cost to many people?

2024-05-29 09:44:06

Chris is correct people have had enough of this failed Tory government, however a labour party led by Starmer is not the answer.

2024-05-29 09:45:41

Pedro a Starmer government of the lunatic left is terrifying - I am in the US now actively looking at emigration this country is done.

David Forman
2024-05-29 10:22:42

A recent Morning Star editorial had this comment on the so-called New Deal for Workers: 'As Unite’s Sharon Graham says, Labour’s New Deal for Working People now “has more holes than a Swiss cheese.”' So, caveat after caveat making it useless. On the issue of Labour's 'Change' campaign it said: "that despite the campaign slogan of “change” in fact Labour is offering nothing of the sort, but rather “economic stability.” That might have marked a point of divergence from the excitable Liz Truss but it hardly differs from Rishi Sunak, whose election boast is that he has restored — economic stability." See https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/as-the-boss-class-flocks-to-labours-banner-workers-face-swiss-cheese-new-deal

Brian Aston
2024-05-29 11:22:27

It has always been a curiosity to me, Labour's ideology on "Workers". I remember Phil Waite (anyone remember him) standing on my doorstep preaching about the "Workers" and when I pointed out I was a worker, in an office, with a good job. He categorically said "Oh that is not the workers we are referring to". Rachel Reeves has been out talking about how "Big Business" is behind Labour, while the unions are rubbing their hands with the anticipated pay rises for the "Workers". So I guess those of us in the middle, who work, pay our taxes, who worked through the entire Pandemic, fall between the gaps...except when our pensions are raided to fund politicians promises.

Mike Danvers
2024-05-29 12:43:24

Goodness there are some really sad people responding to Chris Vince's report of his activities. A nice human being with a vast experience of ordinary life including teaching our children. He only gave a report of his weekly activity and then followed a wave of personal abuse. Why are so many trolls posting on Your Harlow with such bitterness not even prepared to give their proper names? There are some exceptions like David Foreman and Mark Gough who despite their negativity at least give their real names above their comments

Brian Aston
2024-05-29 13:07:04

Mr Danvers, thank you for your considered reply. I don't think anybody has launched personal abuse at Mr Vince. I think we just want to know what the man stands for, what his beliefs are and what he is going to do for the town, rather than just talk about a change, or being different from the tories. Previous MPs for Harlow, Bill Rammel and Robert Halfon have stood up for Harlow, supported local activities, local groups and championed the town in Parliament. We just want to know what to expect from Mr Vince.

David Forman
2024-05-29 13:18:04

Mike Danvers, thanks for the mention. It should be noted that the Morning Star is a readers owned workers co-operative. The board of the Peoples’ Press Printing Society, the co-op that publishes the Morning Star, contains representatives of 12 leading trade unions: Unite, GMB, USDAW and CWU to name a few. Chris Vince, as a Labour and Cooperative Party candidate, should appreciate what a co-op newspaper has to say.

gary roberts
2024-05-29 13:26:07

"Change": to what? Just more of the same crap as the Tories in a lighter shade of blue. For once I agree with Mr Forman comments in full. "Workers' rights." The contradictions are stark from those stated by Angela Raynor. "Progressive," really? No chance. "Housing," again. Lots of words no substance. And if you really want a smile, Starmer claims to be a socialist. Finally, the NHS. Wes Streeting is using pathetic school boy language like: giving the keys back to the arsonists. And he wants to run the NHS! He should grow up. The standard of some on the Labour front bench is truly depressing. My advice to Labour at this election is: dig out the 2017 manifesto and then implement it if elected. Will they do that? No.

2024-05-29 17:02:45

Chris Vince and all the Labour team work so hard and really do listen to what people in Harlow want and need. The Tories haven’t even put up a candidate yet, which shows how much they care about our town. I really struggle to understand how anyone except the 1% genuinely believes the Tories are on their side. Give them another five years in power and there is no question that you will be worse off at the end of that parliament. And god forbid you get old, or ill, or lose your job, or have a child with additional needs… could that happen to you in the next 5 years? If so, which party do have more confidence in caring about your situation?

Mark Gough
2024-05-30 14:36:48

Absolutely I do, cos I am engaged in Political Debate Mike. Hilarious you attack people for that considering how often you used to attack the Tories at every turn, writing letter after letter to local papers. If Chris couldn't take it, I'm sure he'd tell us himself. I fought Chris in the 2015 General Election in Chelmsford, his home town, so I'm sure he knows what to expect from me by now. He is quite able to fight his own corner. We may wear different rosettes, but Chris and I get on fine! If not perhaps he will resign and run from his Electorate, as you did in Mark Hall South in 1999 Mike! 😎 Mark Gough -Leader Harlow UKIP

2024-05-30 17:59:06

Whenever Labour wins a general election, it always ends up costing the electorate, and if you think that what we’ve gone through during the last four years is bad, all thanks to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, ask yourself this, how would labour have managed had they had won the 2019 general election, they wanted longer lockdowns, they wanted schools to shut down for longer, would they have implemented a furlough scheme, a if so how much more would it have cost? And they would still have to recuperate the money afterwards, and at this general election, you all want them out and a Tory government in. Labour gets in it will cost you more, I’d like to see a completely hung parliament, and get rid of what’s there now.

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