Conservatives select Hannah Ellis to fight General Election in Harlow

Elections / Thu 30th May 2024 at 09:44pm

YH understands that Great Parndon councillor, Hannah Ellis has been selected as the Conservative candidate for the General Election on July 4th.

A selection meeting amongst members of the Harlow Conservatives was held this evening.

We are awaiting an official statement but former MP Robert Halfon has issued the following statement on his social media channels.

“It was the greatest honour to serve as your MP for fourteen years. I know what it takes to fight for Harlow and the villages in Parliament. It is the best job in the world, but it is certainly not an easy one.

We need someone who knows how to get things done and be our champion in Parliament, even when the going gets tough. Hannah Ellis is that person.

“She started in my office on work experience at seventeen and ended up running my office before going on to greater things. She is an outstanding individual – determined and kind with an extraordinary work ethic. And she is Harlow through and through.

“I know Hannah will make the best MP for Harlow and the villages. I sincerely hope you will support her on Thursday 4th July to cut the cost of living, ensure Harlow homes for Harlow people, secure investment into our town, make our streets safer, create opportunities for our next generation and deliver Harlow’s new hospital”.

YH will be interviewing Ms Ellis on Friday morning.

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20 Comments for Conservatives select Hannah Ellis to fight General Election in Harlow:

2024-05-30 22:25:13

Ask her what experience she has outside the Westminster and political bubble (that includes third sector) what business has she worked for, what has she created and grown (not using tax payers money). What projects has she delivered what was the cost and risk and complexity of these (again political, charity projects do not count) What experience does she have of the wider world? The last thing we need is another conservative who has no real experience of business especially small business.

2024-05-30 22:34:55

Adam ask that to Labour and the whole possible cabinet who are exactly what you are asking plus the WOKE LEFT clowns like Diane Abbott and Zarah Sultana.

2024-05-30 22:39:16

Would you Adam and Eve it?

2024-05-30 22:45:54

Eve yes of course I just made a comment ion twitter that it seems Hannah and Chris have little experience. It is a major issue most of our political class have limited experience outside of politics or public sector hence they have no idea how to grow economies or make money. Instead they think taxes are good

2024-05-30 22:51:04

Eve - I have not time for woke that includes the woke conservative party. It has been a failure the last 14 years and far to many of its members are in the wrong party. It needs to get back to small government, low taxes, fire most of the public sector, make all schools private and abolish the NHS. That would be a good first week in office. Oh and stop starting wars

Nicholas Taylor
2024-05-30 23:06:16

If the Adams first comment is spot on. Less than a month on from being elected a councillor in Great Parndon, her Party are either already hoping that she will go on to bigger things or she is a sort of paper candidate in the knowledge that Labour will win the seat. The Conservatives must be desperate to appoint someone with no first hand experience of anything. It is a reflection of all what is going wrong in government, Ministers often have little or no experience of the posts they are appointed to. I believe for instance that there have been 14 housing Ministers since 2010, the latest one having been sacked from the role only a year earlier. Finally, Robert is still trotting out the story of a new hospital. Needs reminding that if it is ever built it will not be in Harlow, taking with it hundreds of highly skilled, well paid jobs out of the town.

2024-05-31 05:42:05

Who? The Conservatives have clearly given up on Harlow.

2024-05-31 06:58:52

Adam, I don't mind a public servant becoming our MP, their experience will bring weight to discussions about that area of government. I do also take issue with someone who has only been in the Westminster bubble. However, would a business owner be any better? From your later arguments about closing vast swathes of the state and making them private, I would wonder if a right leaning, former business person would look after anyone's interests but their own? How would the vast majority of young people be educated? Or would they all be dead due to being unable to access vastly overpriced health care based on a US model of insurance?

Tony Wiseman
2024-05-31 07:26:33

Dan, the answer to your question is NO! Our current Prime Minister is a very successful right leaning business man and he appears to have brought none of those skills or experiences to running our country. The problem is not just of experience but also of conviction. The current crop of politicians have no real medium to long term plans, they just knee jerk to the latest opinions polls rather than sticking to a well thought out and costed plan, as you would in business.

David Forman
2024-05-31 07:32:24

A little about Diane Abbott before becoming an MP: 'After graduating from Cambridge university, Abbott became an administration trainee at the Home Office (1976 to 1978), and then a Race Relations Officer at the National Council for Civil Liberties (1978 to 1980). She was a researcher and reporter at Thames Television from 1980 to 1983, and then a researcher at the breakfast television company TV-am from 1983 to 1985. She was a press officer at the Greater London Council under Ken Livingstone from 1985 to 1986, and Head of Press and Public Relations at Lambeth Council from 1986 to 1987.'

David Forman
2024-05-31 07:37:48

I forgot to say to Adam that the routinely absent Conservative councillor Stephen LeMay was a successful businessman in Harlow.

2024-05-31 08:42:34

David what with the start you descibe, her decades experience since and the very high level of approval from her constituency (70%) Diana Abbott is an ideal candidate as an MP. However wrt Harlow the Conservatives should have persuaded Robert Halfon to stay on and Labour pulled Bill Rammel out of retirement because reflective sagacity and experience is what's needed now rather than well intentioned youngsters.

2024-05-31 09:15:11

John Lennon's comment about Ringo not even being the best drummer in the Beatles comes to mind, I say that because she wasn't the stand out candidate in the local elections being behind David Carter in votes cast. I guess she also competed with Dan Swords who is now leader of the council. So, as others have asked, why was she selected? Robert Halfon failed twice (many MPs have the same experience), do the torys expect to lose but see Hannah as one for the future. The last woman to represent Harlow was Leah Manning in 1945. Don't you just love the objectives....deliver Harlow's new hospital, all these things the torys have failed on in their 14 years. I do look forward to learning more!

2024-05-31 09:59:33

Adam .More than you I imagine

2024-05-31 10:33:15

The thing is, the Tory Party want the Labour Party to win the next election, after all the PLP are Tories in all but name. The Tory MPs are gradually moving across one by one. The Labour Party have become the Tory Party so the Tory Party is no longer needed. The left is being thoroughly purged from the PLP and is being purged from the party as whole. This has been blatantly obvious for some years now.

2024-05-31 11:21:34

It's surprising the local apprentice would-be MP isn't standing here, having tried their luck elsewhere in the country. Perhaps they have been accepted as candidate in a safer seat.

Fact or Fiction
2024-05-31 11:37:39

David Alton, Charles Kennedy, Jo Swinson, Stephen Dorrell, David Lammy...to name but a few, all became elected MP's in their 20's and went on to have productive careers in politics. Just saying!

peter henegan
2024-05-31 12:36:30

So did Churchill. Found this on wiki " In May 1904, Churchill opposed the government's proposed Aliens Bill, designed to curb Jewish migration into Britain.[81] He stated that the bill would "appeal to insular prejudice against foreigners, to racial prejudice against Jews, and to labour prejudice against competition" and expressed himself in favour of "the old tolerant and generous practice of free entry and asylum to which this country has so long adhered and from which it has so greatly gained".[81] On 31 May 1904, he crossed the floor, defecting from the Conservatives to sit as a member of the Liberal Party in the House of Commons"-think he would be Labour now!!

2024-05-31 15:14:18

Woody - believe it or not I run a small space company based out of Harlow we employ a few people and several contractors but we have several significant missions including the return to the moon we are working on. Clients include NASA, ESA etc we started from nothing and boot strapped every step of the way which is why I know how little government helps small companies. Though they love large corporates. But the fact remains no experience outside the Westminster bubble

2024-05-31 15:51:22

Dan - I agree I have a slightly different take on how to fix the problems but I do care about all you mentioned. The reality is we have tried large government for 60 plus years and it has done well for the politicians and the public sector pensions but very little else the way to fix it is to be radical. For the NHS I would not go near an American model but instead adopt a European model the reason the NHS fails is because it focus is the NHS, not the patients. We need to have an honest conversation about it what it does well what it does bad and honestly one cannot blame it on funding. A small payment at the point of use is not a bad thing neither is insurance based systems like the EU use. As for schools I think all schools should be excellent, I think the way to achieve that is give parents the money from the government to pay directly to the school, that ensure schools become responsive to parents. All to often state services are unresponsive or pay lip service as they know they get paid regardless. As for firing many of the public sector the state is to larger and interferes to much in many aspect of life and business. I am not talking here about safety or employment rights etc, I am a (small) employer in this town and my staff have excellent terms and conditions way beyond the statutory. But there are 400 plus government departments and agencies and that is before we get to local councils. many of these act as a barrier to growth. We need to be agile and compete and re grow industry to give people and especially the young opportunity, I am not talking little project I am talking grand projects the first of which should be massive nuclear power. Sadly however, to many of these 400 departments act to get in the way and prevent us from pushing forward. Other countries in the west can do in 5 years what we fail to do in 20 it cannot continue if we want a successful country. Any way rambled long enough

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