Junior doctors call five-day strike just before election

Elections / Thu 30th May 2024 at 08:27am

JUNIOR doctors in England are to stage a five-day strike in the lead-up to the election in their long-running pay dispute with the government reports the BBC.

British Medical Association (BMA) members will walk out from 07:00 BST on 27 June – a week before election day.

The union said it was taking action as there had been no credible new offer after fresh talks started in mid-May.

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10 Comments for Junior doctors call five-day strike just before election:

gary roberts
2024-05-30 09:50:01

Why? Because they deserve a decent pay and conditions package worthy of their professional status and standards within the NHS. I support their objectives and any claim they make. Indeed I would be proud to stand on their picket line. Would Cllr Vince?

2024-05-30 10:37:25

Gary Junior doctors the name is deceptive it means everyone below consultant get up to 95K. The NHS gets more than enough money it is an allocation issue. Plus the NHS asked us to stay home protect the NHS which caused massive damage and government debt. People did their part (for the record it was stupid and always going to end up like this government cannot control a virus) now the NHS can do theirs and get the waiting lists down and outcomes better. Once they perform we can talk about pay rises until then I would be giving them pay cuts. As for those striking I would fire them and revoke their medical qualifications there is no government to negotiate with at the moment.

2024-05-30 18:29:55

Adam, as always you have a strange outlook in life. Junior docs are fully qualified docs on the first grade of pay, around 30k. They often work in hard situations and minimum a 12hr day (it seems all NHS staff work a 12hr shift). They work very hard, as do most of the NHS frontline staff, and their pay has been cut in real terms for 15 years. 15 years! The NHS is not to blame for covid and had the government not made cuts to the NHS and understaffed for so many years running up to covid, then hospitals and staff would've been able to cope better with the demands. It is unreal to see someone actually blame the NHS entirely for the state of the NHS!

David Forman
2024-05-30 22:31:01

Regarding preparing for Covid-19 there was a Government wargaming exercise called Exercise Cygnus involving 950 people in 2016. The Guardian revealed in October 2020 that key lessons learned from the exercise were not implemented by the Tories. However, a much larger wargaming Exercise Winter Willow that involved more than 5000 people was held in 2007. Key issues from Winter Willow (page 15) shows that PPE was not dealt with by Boris Johnson's government: "Work is also underway on the practical aspects of continuity of pharmaceutical provision. Discussions are continuing on the cost and benefits of a UK stockpile including masks for health professionals and antibiotics." Seems masks got left off the shelf even after Exercise Cygnus in 2016. See Guardian article https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/22/official-report-exercise-cygnus-uk-was-not-prepared-for-pandemic-is-published

David Forman
2024-05-30 22:45:47

One of the failures of Covid Test and Trace was the Tories preoccupation with outsourcing companies. When Local Authorities were eventually involved in tracing the results were better and that is the official verdict of the National Audit Office and the London School of Economics. This should have been obvious following Exercise Winter Willow in 2007. Page 11 of its report said: "The Exercise showed the need for links between central and local government to be further reinforced, especially in the development of policies and sharing of information on the emerging local and national situation." See LSE blog: https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/politicsandpolicy/local-authorities-were-vital-for-the-successful-deployment-of-covid-19-test-trace-and-isolate-policies/

David Forman
2024-05-30 22:47:20

Exercise Winter Willow 2007 report: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=http://data.parliament.uk/DepositedPapers/Files/DEP2007-0334/DEP2007-0334.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjg_7DSsLaGAxVYRPEDHV16D3IQFnoECBIQAQ&usg=AOvVaw1y9vQS_-UAbrtHN31XpkJf

2024-05-30 23:35:13

I work in the hospital as a ported i earn a low wage that's ok because i own my house so have no financial issues. I see these junior doctors every day battle to save lives. For god sake pay them a proper wage, the problem is we have a shit government that doesn't value the right people... When you have a government that say you cant put a limit on bankers bonuses but we won't pay young doctors a decent wage. Then you face what we have now... VOTE these tories out.

2024-05-31 06:53:59

Well said Peter!

Mr Grumpy
2024-05-31 12:27:41

Lets have all the management on the same low salary as junior doctors plus remove all their perks. After all, they are only interested in money and not actually saving lives. What is then saved can be used to increase the salaries of junior doctors.

2024-05-31 17:49:21

Why do they need to strike and lose money. Just work to rule , an 8 hour day , that way they get paid and patients get seen.

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