Harlow’s Labour candidate Chris Vince welcomes Angela Rayner and says he will fight for a new hospital

Elections / Sun 2nd Jun 2024 at 08:30am

ON SATURDAY lunchtime, the Labour candidate at the General Election, Chris Vince, welcomed deputy leader Angela Rayner to Harlow.

It was a welcome visit as was the support of dozens of local Labour activists as Chris Vince attempts to overturn the Conservative majority of 14,067.

Anyone who follows Mr Vince on social media will know he is out campaigning 24/7 for Labour.

He has been all over the town since the election was announced as well as the vital villages in the constituency (Nazeing, Sheering). It is worth remembering that the new boundaries go as far out as Hatfield Broad Oak.

As with Ms Rayner, we discussed issues such as a new hospital with Mr Vince. He told us that a lot of people on the doorstep feel let down.

We also touched on the issue of anti-social behaviour and crime but we will return to that and many other issues between now and the General Election.

Finally, this was the first time, we had interviewed Mr Vince in a month since the local elections. It appeared that once it was apparent that Labour had failed to regain the council, Mr Vince left the building without a word to all those who had helped him and all those who had voted.

He told us he had work next day. So we asked him if he was mentally tough enough to be an MP for Harlow.

We apologise for the distortion on our sound.

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7 Comments for Harlow’s Labour candidate Chris Vince welcomes Angela Rayner and says he will fight for a new hospital:

David Forman
2024-06-02 08:41:42

I hear D Ream have stopped Sir Kid Starver using their song "Things Can Only Get Better". Perhaps Chris Vince can use Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills"?

Guy Flegman
2024-06-02 09:35:54

Why are they hid away on an industrial estate? Would not the town centre make a better venue. It was similar when Rushi came to town but did not leave the police station. Though I heard a rumour that the police were questioning him about stabbing someone in the back. I cannot see mr Vince fighting for much when he could not face the press after loosing the council vote.

2024-06-02 15:41:52

The last MP promised a new hospital also, we all know how that's going, when Chris loses this battle will he sulk off like he did at the local elections,

Pete M
2024-06-02 21:27:47

I’m still going to vote for Reform UK, we need major change in the country, Blair’s labour government messed things up before the tories even got in, now the tories have made things even worse.

2024-06-02 22:08:33

Notice the face on Chris when his asked if his going to be up to the job! He run away on local election night.....so funny

2024-06-02 23:40:43

We are getting no hospital, it was lies from boris just like everything he has ever said.. The continue to spend million on PAH. The country is in a state.. No one can fix it. 😭😭

gary roberts
2024-06-03 05:26:57

Did Mr. Vince impress again? No. Instead of just repeating waffle, badly, does he have any policy agenda worthy of note? I cannot see it. Didn't Kay Morrison fancy the job?

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