General Election 24: Harlow’s Reform Party candidate sets out his stall

Elections / Mon 3rd Jun 2024 at 05:36pm

OVER the past few days we have been catching up with all the declared candidates for the General Election.

On Sunday afternoon, we met the Reform Party candidate, Malcolm Featherstone. We had previously interviewed him in November.

However, on a number of weekends, Malcolm has literally set out his stall in the town centre.

We spent a few minutes, speaking to Malcolm and asking how his election campaign was going.

As the weeks progress, we will be putting a lot more specific questions to all the candidates.

You can find all our General Election stories on our politics page.

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28 Comments for General Election 24: Harlow’s Reform Party candidate sets out his stall:

2024-06-03 18:27:23

More like Deform Party

2024-06-03 18:36:53

What a waste of time. No policies, no leadership, but thick people in harlow would still vote them in.

2024-06-03 18:52:57

You’re thick for voting for Labour or Conservative. What do you expect they’re going to you? Nothing! We need change, a major change!

2024-06-03 18:54:40

Well I’m going to vote for Reform, change is what’s needed, Labour and Conservatives have done nothing for our country or our local town. It’s time for someone else to have a go.

2024-06-03 18:58:29

Labour have no policies, just full of promises they cannot and will NOT fulfil. Just look back at the history! All they will do is continue where the Tory party left off, look at Khan in London who supposed to be a Labour mayor, what has he done for London? You think it’s going to be any better having that lot in, errrr…..no is the answer!

james nicholson
2024-06-03 19:16:17

Ahh yes the dregs come out to speak on an anonymous page, lovely

2024-06-03 19:24:36

Bob, Pat and Jill please do feel free to vote for Reform, it’s just yet more votes being drained away from Tories, what a shame.

2024-06-03 20:49:06

Proud to be thick.

2024-06-03 21:20:37

I wish there was a "None of the above" option. Just imagine if everyone ticked such an option. Would send a big message to all parties!

David Forman
2024-06-03 22:57:08

I had a long conversation with UKIP's Mark Gough just after the local elections hustings, including why he opted for UKIP instead of Reform. His answer was interesting, but I won't reveal contents of a private conversation. Instead, I'll leave it to Mark to explain.

2024-06-04 04:26:56

Great to have an opportunity to vote for change. The two establishment party's have shown us they aren't up to the job.

Guy Flegman
2024-06-04 11:12:16

The big 3 parties have let us down too often and maybe it’s time for change. The only concern I have if by some miracle we elected a different party, would the globalists trash our country again like they did when Lizz Truss did not follow the global agenda. Maybe it would be safer to spoil your paper to show you frustration with the system. They have to count spoilt papers and if they get a high turn out with more spoilt papers than the person who wins, then that will send a powerful message. Remember the main parties are relying on low turnout as it makes their jobs easier.

Sue Lyons
2024-06-04 12:01:04

How dare people talk about people living in Harlow as thick!! Can’t wait to see the smiles wiped off your ignorant faces. Some people choose to live there and some have no choice.

Broken System
2024-06-04 12:53:25

This guy wasn't prepared at for this interview. Reform is a racist party where you have to declare you haven't been in the BNP and EDL upon joining (that's the sort of trash they appeal too) doesn't stand a chance and can't even muster a handful of people to deliver leaflets... what a pointless interview.

2024-06-04 13:01:10

Aimless and rambling, but will usefully erode the Conservative vote.

2024-06-04 13:01:53

ACM . The Tories don't deserve votes , if they had done a decent job , they would have got them

2024-06-04 14:12:28

Broken System, aren't Labour and the Conservatives racist too? A white person living in the UK speaking English as a first language is not getting a fair deal, I include the 2-tier, woke policing here. Every human has a right to be happy and live as they want to, but a biological female has a right to be protected when she enters a changing room in a high street shop or swimming pool. Are people with these views racist? Immigration is the number one topic of today. Discussing it, being anti-woke (which I call common sense), or having a strong opinion on it doesn't make someone a racist. I may strongly disagree with someone's opinion, but that's the beauty of a democracy. I respect their opinion, and don't call them names or label them. That's just ignorant (see James Nicholson's immature comments). IMO Labour will get in by a landslide, not because they are good, but because the Tories are so bad, desperately promising anything and everything and delivering nothing. Apathy will also help Labour. I look forward to 5 years time, when hopefully a party can be voted in that starts fixing the mess the Tories have created and Labour will add to, working for the law abiding, tax paying silent majority who are totally cheesed off with British politics.

2024-06-04 17:43:45

Madness is doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different outcome. That is what voters do for both the main two parties.We need change...

2024-06-05 18:01:40

I thought the old racist thing would come out about reform,well done broken system,i am sure the country will be superb when labour get in

2024-06-05 19:04:52

He seems an ordinary guy who cares about his locality. We've had the same LabCon circus for decades and things have progressively worsened. If all Fords and Nissans you bought were rubbish, you'd buy a new brand so why entrust your country to these failed parties. I'm voting Reform, it can get no worse than under the LabCon.

Mark Gough
2024-06-06 12:28:50

I think people who express any opinion on immigration are scared of getting labelled, and in a so called Free Country, that is a disgrace. Particularly as the debate is about levels and numbers not race, religion or creed. It's about pressure on public services, it's on housing, it's on levels of pay. We are a small Country with a high population density. We can't keep concreting over our beautiful green spaces if we want a Country for future generations to enjoy. Mark Gough -Leader Harlow UKIP

2024-06-09 23:21:21

It's not about rascism ,it's about the uncontrolled flood yes deluge of young fit men into this country ,look around you see how its changed ,no-one opposes legal immigratin but this is an invasion ,call me what u like ,fact is fact that said the corruption and theft of public money by the main two is astonishing, the lies they tell repeatedly insult our intelligence ,basically I for one am sick of both ,right or wrong I'm voting reform ,end of,I'll await the insults if that's what makes you happy

2024-06-12 16:57:27

I'm in need of a reform poster. I'm guessing i will have to go to town centre and get a couple of posters if there is any. This gentleman is a bit nervous me thinks. Wished I was a candidate fr reform, I'd be just like nigel farage out spoken and wouldn't care what anyone voting labour, libs or cons thought. I'd be laughing at their insults lol.

2024-06-15 16:16:08

Vote reform to move us away from the uniparty. Electorates have been continously let down. Reform is needed. This is how we achieve it.

Edna Clowd
2024-06-18 09:53:23

At least this candidate has a bit of real world experience running businesses and holding down real jobs. Both the Tory and Labour candidates are professional politicians and I for one have had enough of those sort!

Lazarus Wilmott
2024-06-19 03:30:19


2024-06-20 09:31:24

Supporting Reform as a whole this year however sad to hear that the candidate who spoke at Harlow College did not have much to say on policy and came across as almost indifferent. These are the places that you need to make a good impression- shame opportunity wasted.

2024-06-22 16:27:11

Spoke to this candidate in the town a few days ago. Couldn’t answer any questions. Believed Brexit was a benefit to this country without stating a single benefit. Has not a clue about political reality. Then decided to dismantle his “stall” and fled. Embarrassing really. Just full of racist hate and rhetoric. The biggest issue in Harlow is not immigration at all. I see more white British people on the streets on benefits than any other race or ethnic group. Yet immigration is the problem? Awful awful people that try to blame others for this country’s incompetence and the residents of this town fall for it every single time. It’s so depressing to watch.

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