Tories pledge new GP surgeries in community care boost

Elections / Mon 3rd Jun 2024 at 07:04am

THE Conservatives have promised to build 100 new GP surgeries in England and boost the number of available appointments by allowing more treatments in the community if they win the election reports the BBC.

The party says it would also expand the number of treatments pharmacies can offer without people seeing their GP first. 

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the plan would make it easier for patients to get the care they need and help relieve pressure on hospitals.

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14 Comments for Tories pledge new GP surgeries in community care boost:

Son of Old Man River
2024-06-03 07:26:02

That's great! It will ease the pressure on our brand new hospital..... Oh, wait a minute....

2024-06-03 07:41:39

Further proof both main parties are clearly incapable of running the country, maybe it is time for an alternative

2024-06-03 07:53:17

So much they could have done over the last 14 years .... why believe them now? Couldn't even keep the surgery at Potter Street going, let the one at Church Langley dive into special measures, what about dental services and don't even think about a new hospital, (really don't) perhaps they exist in a parallel world rather like Brigadoon or BUPA.

2024-06-03 08:50:27

100 new GP surgeries? It doesn’t go anywhere near replacing the 400+ surgeries that they have cut in the last 14 years. And I suspect that this is the same sort of promise as the one about 40 new hospitals being built - an empty one!

2024-06-03 08:51:35

Will that be before or after the regeneration work that was promised after the local election?

Nicholas Taylor
2024-06-03 08:58:37

Is it just me or do others think that the Tories are digging a bigger and bigger hole for themselves as each week goes by? Millions of people voted Tory in 2010 in the hope that things would get better but all they have done time and time again is make a muck up of every aspect of life for the people of this country. Unfortunately the only alternative at present is the Labour Party, whose election campaign is just as wishy washy as the Tories.

2024-06-03 10:04:33

Don't build more surgeries put more GP's in the ones we have. Where will they come from though? Thought there was a shortage!

Guy Flegman
2024-06-03 10:49:11

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Stop it your giving me belly ache!

Nick Churchill
2024-06-03 15:54:17

Until the NHS is returned to the control of physicians and rescued from the accountants (one of the first actions of Tony Blair when he came to power) then we will never have a health service fit for use and that concentrates on providing the medical care that is needed, not just the cheapest. Accountants cannot come even close to understanding what is required. I did speak with the then Health Secretary Sajid Javid when he visited Harlow and he agreed with me unfortunately the civil servants didn't (why would they the accountants are civil servants so its not in their interest to change) The NHS needs rebuilding from the bottom up and until it remembers why it was created it will no longer be fit for purchase

gary roberts
2024-06-03 16:39:54

Mr. Churchill did you really put, "purchase" or was that an error? If it wasn't an error who would you sell the NHS too!

nick churchill
2024-06-03 16:51:17

Gary, I hate spellcheckers lol, it should say fit for purpose

2024-06-04 14:31:09

A hundred new surgeries? Where are they going to find the GPs to staff them when our wonderful MP personally cut the Torries promise to train 1000 GPs every year to just 300?

James Gamble
2024-06-04 22:02:45

14 years and they have identified we need more doctors. In my surgery it is impossible to speak to let alone see a doctor. They have a triage system who I have seen on three occasions in the last 6 months, every time I was told to go to A&E, which resulted in me waiting 6 hours just to be given penicillin and told to go home. No hospital which was promised and cuts in services, staff shortages with increased population.

Mark Spoke
2024-06-07 01:50:36

Just need Doctors to be in the buildings 😜

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